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Florida AG Pam Bondi Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics

by Tho Bishop In 2011, then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, dubbed “Big Sis” by Matt Drudge, unleashed a “See Something, Say Something” campaign to encourage Americans to report “suspicious” activity to the Federal government. Today, with Hurricane Hermine expected to be the first hurricane to hit Florida in almost 11 years, Florida Attorney General Pam […]

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Army Corps pollutes St. Lucie River, evades Clean Water Act

by Mark Miller Today, the Stuart News—Florida’s paper of record when it comes to the St. Lucie River—published my op-ed on the destruction the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers visits upon this river each day when the Corps discharges polluted waters into the St. Lucie River via the C-44 canal. You may think you don’t […]

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Scumming Up the Waterways #IndianRiverLagoon

by Hannah Downey “Guacamole-thick” green algae is taking over southern Florida’s waterways and coastlines, prompting Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency in four counties. Residents complain that the algae “smells definitely like a toilet” and the department of health is warning that contact with the toxic algae can harm the gastrointestinal tract, […]

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The Crime of Charging Customers Too Little in Florida

by Larry Salzman Do we really need laws that prohibit entrepreneurs from charging consumers too little? PLF’s economic liberty project challenges so-called “minimum price” laws that do just that. These laws are rich examples of cronyism and, unfortunately, a Florida state appellate court decision upheld one this week. PLF had filed an amicus brief urging […]

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How the Government is Destroying the World’s Best Oysters #Apalachicola #IndianRiverLagoon

by Tho Bishop Apalachicola is a tiny town with just over 2,000 people, tucked away on the coast of the Florida panhandle. It is also world famous for being home to the best oysters in the entire world. Unfortunately this week the Apalachicola River was listed as the most endangered river in the United States, […]

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