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The Death of Daniel Somers

The Death of Daniel Somers I am reading the heartbreaking suicide note of Daniel Somers, a US combat veteran who spent several years fighting in Iraq. Mr. Somers was only 30 years old when he took his own life, after being tormented by the horrific memories of what he experienced in Iraq. He wrote: “The […]

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The Federal Reserve Has Lost Control of Interest Rates

“Chairman Bernanke and the government falsely believe they can single-handedly control interest rates. Yes, there can be some manipulation, but markets are much more powerful. “The Federal Reserve has lost control of interest rates, and we are seeing the results in higher yields on Treasury notes, likely due to the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented monetary expansion […]

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Ireland pimped out like prostitutes for Obama

Clare Daly really tells it like it is, blasting Obama and Ireland’s Prime Minister at the same time. Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament via Clare Daly, “Ireland pimped out like prostitutes for Obama” | Peace . Gold . Liberty.

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Red State Socialism 2

From Campaign for Liberty Red State Socialism 2 by Norm Singleton This week, the House of Representatives takes up their version of the Farm Bill. The House bill spends $940 billion over five years, compared to the $955 billion Senate bill that passed the Senate last week. Like the Senate bill, the House bill is […]

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FBI Director Says Agency Has Used Drones for Domestic Surveillance – Reason 24/7 :

FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged Wednesday that the agency has deployed drones to conduct surveillance in the U.S., and that the bureau was developing guidelines for their future law enforcement use. Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the un-manned aerial vehicles, whose use by law enforcement has raised questions from privacy advocates and civil […]

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