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Obama’s Pre-K Power Grab

Phyllis Schlafly at the Eagle Forum writes about how Obama is attempting a power grab on Pre-K education. Under the media’s radar, Obama has been aggressively promoting one of his fiscally extravagant projects announced in his 2013 State of the Union Address: “preschool available to every single child in America.” The plan for the federal […]

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fascism with a smile

Obamacare to be Launched with Socialist Red Carpet

Our fascist overlord is bringing out the sheeple’s heavy-hitters to bolster support for Obamacare. Crony organizations like the NBA and NFL are being employed to whore themselves for the federal agenda.  They are sure to continue to get subsidies to keep the billionaire-owners happy and complicit in Obamacare. Movie stars will join sports organizations and […]

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The Romeike Homeschooling Case

The Eagle Forum takes on the Romeike’s and their case for political asylum as they flee German Nazi-era laws that banned homeschooling.  It is of no surprise that the Nazi socialists banned homeschooling as they sought to indoctrinate the youth in fascism and take away parents’ right and ability to educate their own children. From […]

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New NSA leak shows email surveillance under Obama

1984 is 2013 Obama lied, again. According to a statement supplied to The Guardian by the director of communications for National Intelligence, the Internet metadata collection program was discontinued in 2011 “as the result of an interagency review” and has reportedly not been restarted. A separate program, however, was launched in December 2012, and according […]

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Arrogant Obama Insults Skeptics

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-Earth society” The totalitarian Obama is attempting to end the climate change debate by insulting those with different opinions. But who are those who disagree with our beloved King? Global warming has been debunked by peer reviewed studies. A recent article by Thomas Lifson for American […]

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rand speaking

Rand Paul: Peace thru strength doesn’t mean war thru strength. Neocons always think war is the answer

Rand Paul denounces the neocon agenda of Bill Kristol, John McCain, William Buckley and Lindsay Graham, among others. Peace thru strength doesn’t mean war thru strength. Neocons always think war is the answer. via Rand Paul: Peace thru strength doesn’t mean war thru strength. Neocons always think war is the answer -Laura Ingraham show 6/25 […]

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mccain terror

Outrage over Syrian rebels assaulting catholic monastery, killing hermit

Here are the McCainiacs that John McCain and Little Sis Lindsay want to send tax dollars and American weaponry to- rebels who killed a revered Syrian monk and hermit in a Christian village near the Turkish border. According to Father Pizzaballa, the Ghassanieh neighborhood “like other Christian villages, has been almost completely destroyed and is […]

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