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Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Exposes Gang of 8 Bill

Ted Cruz exposes the Gangsters of 8 shamnesty bill, and the traitorous effect it will have on Americans and legal immigrants. It’s already bad enough, that they grant illegals more social services than an American, but this Treasonous Bill would totally screw the American worker. If there are recall petitions starting in your states due […]

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obama change

Obama’s Transparency Promises

Guess you didn’t think that it meant he would make all of your data transparent.  Obama administration used tax dollars to pay contractors paid millions to snoop through Americans’ financial data. From The Daily Caller: When you’re trying to snoop into the files of millions, it’s expensive,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, in […]

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marco rubio mem

Gang of 8 Sure is Proud

The Senate continues to operate to the establishment’s joy Lobbyists for resorts, au pair agencies, and the seafood industry successfully slipped special-interest perks into the Senate immigration bill, reports USA Today. And Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) successfully fought to include in the bill a $1.5 billion taxpayer-funded set aside for youth jobs programs. Is this […]

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