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Glenn Greenwald Slams Obama On Fox News: Targeting Snowden ‘To Intimidate Future Whistle Blowers’

Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald made a rare Fox News appearance Tuesday morning, teasing new national security revelations and harshly criticizing the Obama administration for targeting NSA leaker Edward Snowden so as to discourage future disclosures. “What the Obama administration wants…is to make it so that everybody is petrified of coming forward with information about what […]

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Edward Snowden: Obama Afraid Of An Informed, Angry Public Demanding Constitutional Government

NSA leaker Edward Snowden broke his silence today in a statement through WikiLeaks. After reportedly asking for asylum from Russia, Snowden issued harsh words for the Obama administration and vowed to keep leaking information. In a statement issued on WikiLeaks’ website, Edward Snowden said: “[The Obama administration] is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding […]

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Federal Officials Lag Behind The Public

Now that polls show that more than half the population supports legalization of marijuana federal officials have had a difficult time adjusting.  Many of them have used the War on Freedom to rally voters but now the majority of people are against criminal penalties for marijuana. Federal officials brains must not be computing the change […]

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Rand v. McCain: “If you don’t know who you’re getting your PICTURE taken with… How do you know who you’re giving WEAPONS to?”

Rand and McCain square off, Rand gets the better and it boils down rather easy: “If you dont know who you’re getting your picture taken with, how do you know who you’re giving weapons to?” Rand v. McCain: “If you don’t know who you’re getting your PICTURE taken with… How do you know who you’re […]

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Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Exposes Gang of 8 Bill

Ted Cruz exposes the Gangsters of 8 shamnesty bill, and the traitorous effect it will have on Americans and legal immigrants. It’s already bad enough, that they grant illegals more social services than an American, but this Treasonous Bill would totally screw the American worker. If there are recall petitions starting in your states due […]

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