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Fort Pierce Wastewater Treatment Plant Petition #IndianRiverLagoon

Residents of Fort Pierce have come together to form Citizens for Clean Air & Water to reduce wasted resources by city officials and pollution of the Indian River Lagoon. Download the petition here (pictured below) and send the completed petition to: Citizens for Clean Air & Water 1611 Surfside Dr. Fort Pierce, Fl. 34949 Citizens for […]

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The Crime of Charging Customers Too Little in Florida

by Larry Salzman Do we really need laws that prohibit entrepreneurs from charging consumers too little? PLF’s economic liberty project challenges so-called “minimum price” laws that do just that. These laws are rich examples of cronyism and, unfortunately, a Florida state appellate court decision upheld one this week. PLF had filed an amicus brief urging […]

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Port St. Lucie City Hall

Moody’s Places Port St. Lucie Under Downgrade Review

Not surprising given all the investment failures of City Hall doling out your money. Moody’s Investors Service has placed the ratings on Port St. Lucie, FL’s general obligation, non-ad valorem, lease and guaranteed debt on review for downgrade. The review is driven by ongoing litigation and economic fallout from the collapse of a start-up research […]

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The Militarization of Occupied America

A contributor to National Review — the CIA-funded official conservative journal — pleads with fellow conservatives to understand that the police are just as corrupt as the rest of the government they criticize. Source: Freedom zealot podcast february 12 2016 – FreedomZealot – Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload

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