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Hurricane Sandy and the Constitution

Everyone seems to get the general welfare cause confused.  From Bill O’Reilly to a writer at The Nation. Tom Woods offers to clear up the confusion on the general welfare clause: The Nation: It Violates the Constitution Not to Vote for Sandy Relief | Tom Woods. If you like the work here then please donate […]

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Inflation hidden in your cup of joe

Inflation is here though it tries to hide itself (see small product packages for same price) and it has shown it’s ugly face in your morning coffee. Last year, a shortage of Arabica caused prices of the premium bean to spike as high as $3 a pound — $2 more than what a pound of […]

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Iowa Success

The people this man that worries about disenfranchising are likely the ones to blame for much of the lack of success.  Good luck Iowa. Iowa GOP Co-Chair: Ron Paul supporters disenfranchising Republicans (Video) | Peace . Gold . Liberty.

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