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Pattern for Revolt

Here, in a collection of imagined political speeches, Read offers a vision of a true uncompromising classical liberal who has been nominated and then elected the president of the United States. [gview file=””] via Pattern for Revolt : Library : Foundation for Economic Education.

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Essays on Liberty

These essays, compiled by many different authors, express the fight for liberty in America, Britain, France, and other countries. It includes essays on historical and revolutionary figures and events, details about Leonard E. Reeds books, and accounts of important conversation between Libertarian leaders. [gview file=””] via Essays on Liberty : Library : Foundation for Economic […]

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Libertarianism in One Word

An excerpt of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s second talk at the Mises Seminar in Sydney (, entitled “A Private Law Society”.Daily Bell: How would law and order be provided in this society? How would your ideal justice system work? Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe: In a private law society the production of law and order — of security — […]

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