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Riverside Cop Tricks Autistic Teen into Buying Pot

From Reason’s YouTube channel: “We felt like our family was totally violated by the sheriff’s department and the school district,” says Doug and Catherine Snodgrass of Temecula, California. Last December their 17-year-old autistic high school son was arrested after twice buying marijuana for an undercover Riverside county police officer.   The undercover operation, titled “Operation […]

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Save Our Parks! How to Keep National Parks Open During a Government Shutdown

From Learn Liberty: As part of the government shutdown that started October 1, the National Parks Service has closed all U.S. national parks and monuments. Would-be visitors will be denied entry to Yosemite and Yellowstone and acres and acres of national park lands until the government resumes business. Economics professor Holly Fretwell suggests an alternative […]

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As the State Wades in Oceans of Blood

By Butler Shaffer:   An anarchist is anyone who believes in less government than you do. –   Robert LeFevre As the cancer of statism continues to metastasize – a preexisting condition against which Obamacare provides no protection – it is heartening to witness the champions of  institutionalized force and destruction playing the “anarchy” card as a […]

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An Opening to Iran?

By Ron Paul: Last week, for the first time since the 1979 Iranian revolution, the US president spoke with his Iranian counterpart. Their 15 minute telephone call was reported to open the door to further high-level discussions. This is a very important event. I have been saying for years that we should just talk to […]

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walter block books

Walter Block: Libertarianism 101

Professor Walter Block discusses the Non Agression Axiom, the three levels of Libertarianism Murray Rothbard & Anarcho-Capitalism, Ron Paul, Ayn Rand & MinArchism, Robert Nozick & Classical Liberalism, Milton Friedman & F.A. Hayek & Free Enterprisers that make a lot of exceptions, the phenomena of wages valued, the Federal Reserve, Ron Paul’s planks, the Double […]

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david gordon

An Interview with David Gordon – Mises Media

An Interview with David Gordon In Part 1 David Gordon discusses philosophy and recounts experiences with legends Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. In Part 2 Gordon discusses intellectual property, patents and more. via An Interview with David Gordon (Part 1) – Mises Media and  

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lew rockwell

Who Are the Champions of the Common Man?

By Lew Rockwell: The media’s caricature of libertarians is a pendulum that swings from one extreme to another. One minute we’re grasping plutocrats, championing the privileged, and the next minute we’re losers living in our parents’ basements. Not long ago, Michael Lind adopted the first of these, professing to find it risible that a libertarian […]

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