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Economics In One Lesson, Chapter 6: Credit Diverts Production

When most of us need money, we get a loan from the bank. But some organizations get loans in different ways, and YOU pay for it. Why are you being punished for saving, while others are rewarded for bankruptcy? Visit me at, follow me at, and follow @ABillyRock. Bitcoin wallet number is 13QwxHta3JDAX2gsMCm8sdcrmojFhv8B1S. ▶ Economics […]

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Halle Berry’s Law and is Social Media Monitoring Coming to a School Near You? (NotM 9-13)

Nanny of the Month turns four-years-old (!) this month, and our nation’s busybodies show no signs of slowing down. On this very special episode, Nanny features a city that’s determined to take the “party” out of party buses by making them boozeless (police will conduct sting operations to enforce the new ordinance), a new California […]

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3 Reasons Obamacare is Not Apple

On the first day of Obamacare’s enrollment period, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius pre-emptively begged forgiveness for technical difficulties by comparing the launch of health care reform to the release of a new Apple product.   Hopefully, she explained, Americans will “give us the same slack they give Apple….If there’s not quite […]

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Why Are So Many Violent Criminals Walking Free?

In 2011, fewer than half of all violent crimes found any resolution. An alarming 59 percent of rape cases and 36.2 percent of murders in the United States are never solved. Why are so many violent criminals walking free? Prof. Alex Kreit suggests that perhaps U.S. police forces have their priorities out of order. We […]

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