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gun control is control

Colorado renews effort to recall third State Senator

By Joshua Cook: The effort to recall Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak is on again.  The Westminister Democrat seemed to successfully evade recall in August, but the recent success of two other recall elections combined with her inflammatory statements during the state’s gun control debate have prompted a renewed effort.  The group has already raised […]

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prohibition no

Ethan Nadelmann’s Visionary Speech on How Society Should Deal with Drug Use

By Tony Newman Why are some drugs legal and others illegal? Who are the people who make up the drug policy reform movement? What can be done about the violence in Mexico from the drug trade? How should society deal with heroin, cocaine and other illicit drugs? Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy […]

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Wall Street

The Surprising Answer for How to Handle The Next Recession

When economic troubles strike, policymakers are eager to do something to try to help the citizenry. But Prof. Lawrence H. White argues that government doesn’t necessarily know how to relieve economic woes, and in fact, often wastes and mismanages resources. Individuals in the market know better what they need in their circumstances, as economist Friedrich […]

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public school

Folk High Schools, Adult Education, and the Philosophy of Nikolaj Grundtvig

“Grundtvig is our man for this time. He’s still relevant,” says Clay Warren, a professor of communication at George Washington University and author of The School for Life: N.F.S. Grundtvig on the Education for the People.   Nikolaj Grundtvig, a 19th century Danish educator and a contemporary of Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard, helped […]

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