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Refusing to Address Nullification Ignorance

Nullification ignorance runs rampant in the media. Last week, the Omaha World-Herald ran an editorial headlined “States must reject bogus nullification.”It included typical federal supremacists talking points and historical falsehoods, couched in the standard arrogant language of those convinced of the infallibility of their errors. The writer (presumably Geitner Simmons –  – listed as the […]

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Big Business, War, and Rothbard’s Class Analysis

By Justin Raimondo This selection is from Justin Raimondo’s 1995 introduction to Rothbard’s monograph Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy, in which Rothbard further develops libertarian class analysis in an examination of how “big business” and other monied elites have consistently controlled American domestic and foreign policy to the detriment of free markets. Rothbard eagerly […]

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Jury Nullification vs. The Drug War: NJ Weedman on His Unlikely Marijuana Acquittal

“I should be 10 months into a 10-year prison sentence,” says Ed Forchion aka NJWeedman. “The only reason I’m standing here is because I happened to know about jury nullification. And I used it.” NJWeedman a medical marijuana patient fighting bone cancer and a pot legalization advocate, found himself in trouble after being pulled over […]

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