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rand paul

Rand Paul at LPAC 2013

Senator Rand Paul spoke to attendees Thursday, September 19, at the 2013 Liberty Political Action Conference to explain why the liberty movement is winning.   via ▶ Rand Paul at LPAC 2013 – YouTube. If you like the work here then please donate today. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe by email and never […]

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Nullification header 2

States’ rights and the fight to save our Republic

Tenth Amendment Center national communications director Mike Maharrey went on the ClarkCast radio show last weekend to talk about the n-word – nullification. They focused their discussion on Maharrey’s book Our Last Hope: Rediscovering the Lost Path to Liberty. In the book, Maharrey makes the moral, philosophical, and constitutional case for nullification. Maharrey and Clark […]

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What Would a Free Society Look Like?

By Jacob Hornberger: Given the enormous role that the welfare-warfare state plays in American life, it is always easy for libertarians to find deprivations of liberty, such as coerced charity, drug-war incarcerations, the IRS, torture, surveillance, and assassination. Infringements on fundamental rights and liberties have become such an integral part of daily life that many […]

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The State is more Dangerous than Anarchy

By Robert Higgs Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 Most people fear that without government (as we now know it), social and economic conditions would be horrible, with rampant crime, including theft, extortion, robbery, rape, and murder; chronic fighting among warlords and organized criminal gangs; and low rates of saving and investment, hence little or no economic […]

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thomas massie

Thomas Massie at LPAC 2013

Congressman Thomas Massie (R, KY-4) spoke to LPAC 2013 attendees on Friday, September 20, 2013, concerning the inside baseball of Congress and his time there, as well as how activists can recognize congressional zombies.   Be sure to check out other conference videos posted on the LPACvideo channel! via ▶ Thomas Massie at LPAC […]

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LA County Sheriffs Hassle Photographer, Trample Constitution, Get Lauded by Bosses

In October 2009, Shawn Nee, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer in Hollywood, California, was stopped by members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) while taking pictures at a stop on the L.A. subway system. Disturbing information about the police stop reveals startling and troubling information about how the Sheriff’s Department reports on what […]

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Doctors Going Off the Insurance Grid

By Joshua Cooke at South Carolina Doctor Mike Vasovski has joined a growing group of doctors and taken his medical practice off the insurance grid. Last week Dr. Vasovski wrote on his Facebook page: “My medical practice has gone off line. Effective yesterday, the computers that contain patient’s account information including billing diagnosis, have […]

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