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Detroit Threat Management: #Anarchy in Detroit, Part II

In Part II, Reason TV collaborated with Free Detroit’s Local Focus to highlight the story of Detroit Threat Management, a private security firm that provides cheap car-to-front door escorts to small business owners, security details to large companies, free protection to local neighborhoods plagued by violent crime, and self-defense training to Detroit citizens. Dale Brown, […]

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The History of Decriminalizing Marijuana in Holland

The History of Decriminalizing Marijuana in Holland WeAreChange visits the Cannabis College in Amsterdam, Holland to learn more about the legislation of cannabis in the Netherlands. Contrary to what many people think, cannabis, among with most other drugs, is not actually legal in Holland. This video goes into the history of how this came about […]

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Slate Gets It Partly Right On Nullification

By Shane Trejo: Nullification has been receiving a lot of unfair criticism from mainstream media outlets for a very long time. We frequently chronicle the most idiotic, ill-informed, irrational, boot-licking nullification denials here on the TAC blog. Compared to those articles, blogger Emily Bazelon does a pretty decent job in her blog for Slate titled ‘Nullification Everywhere.’ […]

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Ron Paul Presents DePauw University’s Ubben Lecture

On September 10, 2013, Ron Paul, a three-time presidential candidate and twelve term member of the U.S. House of Representatives, discussed “Our Lives, Your Liberty & America’s Future” in a Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture. The event took place in DePauw University’s Kresge Auditorium, where there was not an empty seat in the 1,440-capacity venue. […]

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