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Learn economics from the Austrian School. The economics of the Austrian school are based on economic law and logical deductions. You won’t find breaking windows or digging ditches for the sake of it here.

The Austrian Economics Research Conference March 21-23

Highly recommended conference in March.  This will be broadcast live on MisesTV for those who cannot attend. The Austrian Economics Research Conference (formerly the Austrian Scholars Conference) is the international, interdisciplinary meeting of the Austrian School, bringing together leading scholars doing research in this vibrant and influential intellectual tradition. The conference is hosted by the Ludwig von […]

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The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations Book One Adam smith wealth of nations – YouTube. 6:46 1 Audiobook: Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations Book 1 Intro (Introduction and Plan of the Work) by librivid 3,275 views 10:01 2 Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations Book 1 C01P01 (The Division of Labour) by librivid 774 views 9:51 […]

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Giving Away Money Costs More Than You Think

Government programs that try to give away money from grants, subsidies and other handouts costs more than you think, as a result of rent seeking. Take three minutes and learn why. When the government has money to give away, people or firms will spend time and resources competing for that rent, through applications, proposals, lobbying […]

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Mises Institute Home Study Course Audio Files

Mises Institute Home Study Course Audio Files.  Course materials for sale here Lecture Topic Lecturer CORE AUSTRIAN THEORY 1. What is Austrian Economics? [MP3] Jörg Guido Hülsmann 2. Menger and the Founders [MP3] Joseph T. Salerno 3. Ludwig von Mises [MP3] Murray N. Rothbard 4. Friedrich von Hayek [MP3] Peter G. Klein 5. Methodological Foundations […]

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Are Profits Evil? Mises Seminar

Thanks to the Mises Institute and Jeremy Davis for making this possible.  Robert Murphy and Peter Klein are the speakers for this seminar. The Social Functions of Profits by Robert P. Murphy Big Business- Friend or Foe by Peter G. Klein Capitalism Needs Losses, Too by Robert Murphy Are Profits Evil? Panel Discussion Are Profits […]

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