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Is Patrick Murphy Derailing his Senate Campaign over All Aboard Florida?

Patrick Murphy is attacking All Aboard Florida to appease his Treasure Coast base but may turn off South Florida voters where the anti All Aboard Florida animosity is minimal. A likely primary opponent is taking Murphy to task. “All Aboard Florida will improve the lives of thousands of Floridians,” said Grayson “Mr. Posey’s amendments will […]

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Letter: The county might lose its foolish lawsuit against All Aboard Florida

This letter originally appeared on By Michael Fort Rich Campbell’s protests about All Aboard Florida’s response to Martin County’s lawsuit is classic naiveté. He asserts that All Aboard Florida shouldn’t have the right to fight back against the county’s foolish lawsuit using $1.4 million of our tax dollars. He complains about perceived infringement on […]

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#AllAboardFlorida, Unlike Amtrak’s Monopoly, Must Emphasize Safety to Win Customers

by Garbriel Roth: When you look at America’s transportation network broadly, there can be little doubt that getting government out of the passenger train business would likely improve safety. Though government officials talk ceaselessly about safety, it’s clearly not their top priority. If you want proof, consider the U.S. Department of Transportation’s fuel-economy standards for […]

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All Aboard Florida Says Rolling On Regardless of Counties Lawsuits

Representatives with All Aboard Florida say they’ll fight a threatened injunction by officials in Indian River County and one in Martin County. Both counties are spending millions on a hope and prayer rather than spend those resources to get prepared. Source: All Aboard Florida fights back after injunction threat | Watch the video – Yahoo […]

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Treasure Coast Govt Officials Try to Cover Their Failures by Wasting More of Your Tax Dollars

The failures of socialized roads and sovietized planning are aggravating residents across the Treasure Coast. Cries of traffic delays, noise and emergency services have grown loud. Government officials have caught a break however as their loyal cheerleaders are blaming their failures on someone else for merely exercising their rights. The history of the Treasure Coast […]

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