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Prohibitionists Say the Drugs They Banned Are Safer Than the Ones They Didn’t

U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): Bath salts, “spice” and other legal “drugs” are very bad according to the UNODC. Those safer, “traditional” drugs would be the ones that governments have arbitrarily chosen to ban, thereby driving consumers to more hazardous substitutes. The UNODC likewise notes “concerns about the violence generated by illicit drug […]

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US Mayors Vote to Let States Legalize Marijuana

Leave Them States Alone From Reason by Jacob Scullum: It has been seven and a half months since residents of Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana, and so far the Obama administration has not responded in any substantive way, although Attorney General Eric Holder keepspromising a policy statement “soon.” Yesterday the U.S. Conference of Mayors, […]

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Florida Treads On People

John Odermatt at Lions of Liberty hits it out of the park in writing about voluntary exchange, compassion and prohibition John starts by setting the stage with the well-intended- Statists often say that politicians are well-meaning, compassionate, even selfless individuals.  They make this claim even though the legislation politicians pass has detrimental impacts on society, […]

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Florididumb At It Again

Florida passed and Rick Scott signed a bill that will be ineffective but yet limit liberty. The bill will criminalize (second offense becomes a felony) the sale of pipes to customers if the customer intends to smoke marijuana with the pipe. The State of Florida is forcing businesses to regulate for government and this really […]

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