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Distracting You with Budget and Selling You Out in the Other Room

While you are distracted with budget talk the House snuck in the same NDAA that turns posse comitatus and habeus corpus on their heads and allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens accused of supporting terrorism or being a terrorist. The government has said that anyone who uses cash, changes hair color, missing a finger, […]

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2 Victories in 2 Days for Anti-NDAA Fight

Another Town Victory! Oxford, MA – Just two days after Albany, NY unanimously passed, 11-0, the strongest Anti-NDAA resolution in the United States, the people of Oxford, MA passed the Oxford Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution by a near unanimous margin. This resolution blocks the detention provisions under the 2012 NDAA and the law of war, […]

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Albany Blocks Nation’s Most Dangerous Law

History has been made in Albany, NY as the nation’s strongest anti-NDAA resolution passed unanimously thi evening.  This makes the city of Albany one step closer to restoring Constitutional Governance in their city.   Within the adopted anti-NDAA resolution, the city affirms that the Constitution is the foundation of protecting our nation’s rights and freedoms […]

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All Eyes on NDAA Vote Tonight

The long awaited moment for a local stand against the NDAA is set for tonight, as residents in the capitol city of New York and concerned Americans nationwide have their attention focused on actions in city hall to block the NDAA.   The Albany Common Council members will vote 7 pm tonight, October 7, 2013,  […]

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California Senate Says No To NDAA

This week the California State Senate unanimously shot down the federal government’s indefinite detention powers in a 37-0 vote. Lawmakers are refusing to provide material support for the National Defense Authorization Act, and if the measure becomes law it will be difficult for the government to enforce indefinite detention in the state. Tangerine Bolen, founder […]

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