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Negron touting the advantages of incurring $500 million+ in debt for failed projects. Imbecile.

Joe Negron Giving Subsidies to Torrey Pines and VGTI

While conservatives and republicans talk a good game about limiting government during an election they disappoint when in office. VGTI and Torrey Pines have been a drag on taxpayers and now that drag is being extended. Amazingly some think that taking from others to give to these failing companies is a grand idea. “It’s an […]

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PSL Blows $335 Million on Failed Subsidies Plus More for Damage Control

This is a story of a city hall gone mad with failed economic policies and out of touch with residents. Over a third of the city’s almost billion dollar debt is the result of subsidizing losses and privatizing profits for crony companies and chosen favorites of city hall. As they approach the billion dollar debt […]

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