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HomeGrown Bubble: PSL Offered the Most Bribes of Business to Relocate in Florida

And people wonder why things go belly up when City Hall offers up other people’s money to their own pet projects. TCPalm reports on the money pit. Port St. Lucie hands out most cash of any Florida city or county to attract new business, according to a state report City Hall been gambling big with your […]

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No New Taxes

More Embarrassment for PSL

The City Hall boondoggles continue to embarrass the city. The citizens continue to suffer for the bad economic policies invested by City Hall. “(The city) seemingly thinks that this court has the power to force VGTI to continue to operate when it plainly does not have the financial ability to do so absent a further […]

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how economy grows

Indian River County Stimulates Growth by Getting Out of the Way

Imagine my surprise. County offiicals learn that growth is stimulated by getting out of the way. Other economic-development initiatives by the County Commission included a common-sense ordinance allowing for new businesses to open with a temporary certificate of occupancy, allowing 27 new businesses to open their doors, Davis said. “If you’re a small business, there’s […]

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Scott Does Something Right & Vetoes Cash for VGTI and Torrey Pines

Governor Scott has done something right for a change and something that will benefit the Treasure Coast. Rather than try to breathe life into a dead project by redistributing Floridian’s money to the failed projects on the Treasure Coast, Scott has vetoed the corporate welfare. The Treasure Coast’s research facilities were on Gov. Rick Scott’s […]

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Negron touting the advantages of incurring $500 million+ in debt for failed projects. Imbecile.

Joe Negron Giving Subsidies to Torrey Pines and VGTI

While conservatives and republicans talk a good game about limiting government during an election they disappoint when in office. VGTI and Torrey Pines have been a drag on taxpayers and now that drag is being extended. Amazingly some think that taking from others to give to these failing companies is a grand idea. “It’s an […]

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