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Common Core & Unapproved Iris Scans

People have been warning about the centralized national curriculum that would happen if Common Core was fully implemented by all 50 states. The depth of overreaches in this education plan is stunning, as evidenced by what happened recently at 3 Florida schools. Without parental permission, students were subjected to iris scans. Glenn Beck: Common Core & […]

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Children For Sale: A Mother Speaks Out Against Common Core

From the Eagle Forum: by Alyson Williams First published at Common Core: Education Without Representation, a Utah-based website educating citizens about Common Core, on January 15, 2013. No more decisions behind closed doors!  Let’s get everyone talking about Common Core. In the spring of 2011 I received a receipt for the sale of my children. It came in the […]

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Push Against Common Core Gains Momentum

From the Eagle Forum: Push Against Common Core Gains Momentum As parents, citizens, and legislators learn more about Common Core, some are deciding it is not the best means of improving American education. Parents in many states are mounting grassroots campaigns against Common Core’s standardization of learning and federal testing of students. In April, the […]

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Eight Problems with Common Core Standards

This was written by Marion Brady, veteran teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and author. By Marion Brady E.D. Hirsch, Jr.’s book, “Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know,” was published March 1, 1987. So it was probably in March of that year when, sitting at a dining room table in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, […]

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The Effect of the Common Core Standards on Teachers and the Teaching Profession

Karen R. Effrem, MD President – Education Liberty Watch Here are some quotes from teachers on the major problems with the use of and implementation of the Common Core standards and their accompanying high stakes tests:   Over-Emphasis on Testing/Teaching to the Test  “Rather than creating lifelong learners, our new goal is to create good […]

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Why Common Core is Uncommonly Bad

From Liberty First Network: For those that are unaware of what Common Core, or CC, is (the Common Core state standards website is here), this refers to a national educational standard set by the federal government, albeit disguised as a state initiative. It is actually far more than that. How did we get it and from whom? A federal program […]

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Homeschooling, War, and Banking

Lew Rockwell hosts Ron Paul, no further comment necessary. Episode 372 of the Lew Rockwell Show 373_Paulmap :: {skin:’black’, animate:true, width:’400′, volume:0.2, autoplay:false, loop:false, showVolumeLevel:true, showTime:true, showRew:true, downloadable:true, downloadablesecurity:false, id3: false} 373. Homeschooling, War, and Banking.

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