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Battlefield: Fort Pierce Police Department Failures Community’s Fault

Fort Pierce has had several murders already in 2014.  Luckily for Fort Pierce, Police Chief Sean Baldwin has figured out the gang problem. Baldwin, fresh from a weeklong national anti-gang conference in Texas with five other community leaders, said he learned an additional approach is needed: direct contact with the core of the problem. The […]

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Heroic Broward Woman Arrested Unlawfully and Refuses to Submit to Thug Cop (VIDEO)

Hooray for this woman and others like her across the nation who refused to be treated as second-class citizens. She refused to comply with a criminal aggressor and is now suing Broward County.  Good job young platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Woman who recorded traffic stop spends night in jail | News – Home.

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What is it With Scripps Columnist Goforth and His Fear of Freedom?

Over the past couple of decades, there has been an alarming trend in American journalism where the press has been covering stories either prima facie (a lack of substance) or as agitators for political purposes (pandering to an ideological readership), or both. After listening to an interview of another columnist pontificate a few scenarios in […]

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Michael Goforth’s Feelings Are More Important Than Your Rights

Michael Goforth is out with a bad article that is summarized in one sentence.  Goforth’s feelings are more important than your rights. Goforth beings by citing Carl Hiassen discussing George Zimmerman and Goforth ponders the situation. Goforth then discriminates by labeling all college students as drunks, Hiaasen and his interviewer opined that mixing guns and […]

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Anthony Westbury Believes Only Government Can Solve Violence Issues

Anthony Westbury is covering a group called the Roundtable and their efforts to fight violence in Fort Pierce. Westbury gives them credit for making in impact over the last 20 years though the situation has deteriorated over recent years. Even Fort Pierce Police Chief Sean Baldwin admits the police are failing. “We can’t arrest our […]

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