Biased Journalism Aims to Shape Your Future

TCPalm editor Mark Tomasik has announced TCPalm’s new franchise issue that they have dubbed “Shaping Our Future.”

It continues their collectivist dribble that is evident in “Save Our Lagoon.”

Given the slant of TCPalm to progressive ideals rather than traditional journalism the next comments come as no surprise.

Like those two franchise issues, the Shaping Our Future franchise was chosen as a result of the market research we did on the Treasure Coast this year. The research showed many residents want consistent, unique local coverage of the issues that will determine the future of this region.

It is wise of them to focus local issues since there is less competition in local news than state and national.  This should make TCPalm valuable to locals.

However, rather than reporting the facts which would help to show readers the light and thus do good by doing well TCPalm aims to use market stats to twist their reporting to what the majority of people prefer. If you have wondered if you are reading a press release from some progressive or democratic organization now you know why.

Hence this collectivist our being used again and again while passed off for journalism.

roadsTomasik spells out how TCPalm wants to Shape Your Future:

  • Our roads– This will cover topics such as road conditions, commuting and how public money is being spent on transportation. Issues such as road and bridge construction, congestion points, danger zones and speed limits will be followed regularly.

TCPalm is greatly failing on the roads.  TCPalm continues to mention the controversy of All Aboard Florida affecting roads and does not bother to connect the road planners to the failures to upgrade crossings.

TCPalm vilifies All Aboard Florida by alluding they are responsible for the failures of roads at train crossings as part of their push to shape your future into collectivism.  TCPalm fails to mention that AAF is going to bail out the failed road bureaucracies by paying for almost the entirety of the costs to upgrade the crossings bureaucrats have neglected.  Of course the only solution to be covered is how much money of yours is needed to continue the dilapidated status quo though there is another way.

property taxesThe next focus

  • Our property values– We’re committed to reporting on the decisions and trends that affect home property values. This will include issues such as how property tax bills are determined and how the money is used and the latest trends in local real estate.

So the aim to shape your future is to tell you how your property taken under violence is used and further justify pr by the state.

Who exactly receives a tax bill anyways? Whenever I am billed for something it is something that I voluntarily agreed to.  Saying you receive a tax bill is akin to saying the mafia sends you a bill rather than threat of extortion.

So they will continue to shape your future by letting you know how their collective mob will use your the fruits of your labor.

The next topic is growth and development.

  • Our growth and development– Our goal is to avoid reacting to the extremes and instead focus on issues and solutions. We’ll provide detailed and balanced coverage of proposed developments near you, construction, property ownership changes and government plans for growth. We’ll let you know how you can shape your community’s future.

collectivism purgeNo need to think for yourself you lowly reader. Not only will they focus on the issues and solutions (government, government and more government) but they will continue their political activism and community organizing to let you know how you can help impose the views they pass down on your fellow man.

Im sure the 50%+ that their “news” is written for would whole-heartedly agree with them however.

The question is do they actually think a dying newspaper can remain profitable by marketing their propaganda to barely half the community?

Newspapers are in a tough spot facing more and more competition with the rise of the internet which has eliminated capital barriers that previously restricted competition in news. The strategy to provide what a majority of people want rather than to show them the light likely spells doom for TCPalm.

bastiat government statist welfareGiven the demand for obedience to the state and the promotion of majority rule is it any surprise they are boasting about coming up with solutions for you to act on?

What does TCPalm stand for anyways?

Treasure Coast Progressive Alliance of Local Morons?

No they probably would like to think of themselves as maestros of the local serfs to mold them under the will of the collective.  On the plantation those folk were called masters.

You are free and they do not own you or your property. Think for yourself.  Reject the march of the colletive madmen. Reject TCPalm’s drive to create the People’s Republic of the Statist Coast.

When it comes to the All Aboard Florida controversy do not follow the angry mob who will ruthlessly violate the rights of others for their own conveniences.

When it comes to the All Aboard Florida controversy do not follow the angry mob who will ruthlessly violate the rights of others for their own conveniences.

Mark Tomasik: Commitment to covering decisions that shape our future – Story.

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