The Department of the Defense seems to be doing their own form of deputizing local police.

The DOD is doling out waste from the bloated DOD budget to local officials turning hometowns into battlefields at the expense of the taxpayers.

According to an audit conducted April 2013, Utah’s law enforcement agencies have received $2.8 million worth of military gear. In total, 62 local police forces and three statewide agencies have enlisted in the program, but it was the UHP that most recently received an MRAP, The Salt Lake Tribune

grenade launcher policeYou may doubt the need for peace officers to be equipped with military gear in the role to serve and protect.  One Utah governor states it eloquently:

“I look out for the rights of my deputies,” said Iron County Sheriff Mark Gower, whose office also received an MRAP. “They have the right to be protected in the dangerous work that they do.”

That just leaves two questions:

  1. Who is looking out for your rights?
  2. Whatever happened to peace officers?

Military gives Utah police MRAP, grenade launchers.

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