POLICE_lights_crimescene_8750Gang-related has long cast a shadow over Fort Pierce. The violence has been especially troubling for the city and northwest community.

Though this problem and its perception has troubled Fort Pierce for years some are heralding more federal spending as the solution.

Anthony Westbury writes:

At this early point — it’s only been one week since local authorities learned they’d been awarded a $200,000 federal grant to implement the model — things are looking rosy.

Not so much when the proponents of this program cite Chicago as a place this has been demonstrated. Chicago’s major news have launched murder trackers to keep track of all the murders there.

As the model has demonstrated in Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Miami and many other cities and suburbs, it can counteract rising gang membership and curb violent crime. It’s been tested and tweaked over almost 20 years, trainers told the crowd.

The article unwittingly highlights a result of the war on drugs and the welfare state.

It worked some of the time. The weeding removed a reported 1,500 criminals from the streets, but it also antagonized residents, many of whom had family members in the “bad” group. Perhaps as a result, most of the seeding withered and died on the vine.

Breaking up families is not the answer to gang violence which is often tied to the black market and the failed policies of prohibition.

milton friedman minimum wageThe program aims to find jobs as an alternative to the lucrative profits of illicit trade yet minimum wage laws inhibit the starting jobs while gaining skills while learning on the job. This creates a “need” for another government program to fix this problem they caused.

Another new component will be the hiring of a paid front-line intervention team that will work closely with gang members to get trained for a job or fix road blocks in that process.

One trainer spoke of creating a welding program in Pittsburgh that helped many youths break out of the gang stranglehold.

If government would get out of the way and not take away the first rung from those who may want to climb the ladder progress could be made

New Orleans resident and economist Walter Block offers a solution minimizing gang violence.

  1. End the welfare state
  2. Legalize drugs
  3. Legalize prostitution
  4. Eliminate the minimum wage law

drug war racistFollowing Block’s solution will empower black families, decrease broken families, remove illicit profits from gangs and fix the road blocks in the process to stopping gang violence.

Spending money on a plan to put a band-aid on these deep wounds may make activists feel good but will do little to fix the problem in Fort Pierce.

Block’s solution is a must-read for those in Fort Pierce.

Anthony Westbury: Can new strategy tame Fort Pierce’s gangs? – Story.

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