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Big Ag Subsidies

The Mises Institute presents a series on how agricultural subsidies are damaging to our economy. The Agricultural-University Complex: Destroying Agriculture for 80 Years | Thomas DiLorenzo – YouTube. If you like the work here then please donate today. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe by email and never miss a post.

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economics in one lesson

Economics in One Lesson

Learn economics in 12 great videos by leaders in Austrian economics Recorded during the 2008 Mises University, Jeffrey Tucker interviews leading Austrian Economists on the topic of Henry Hazlitt’s classic book “Economics in One Lesson.” Read the book [gview file=””]

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Another gun story not picked up by liberal media

During broad daylight an intruder breaks into a home with a mother and kids.  Hiding in the closet she shot the intruder as he came in on her and the kids. “My wife is a hero. She protected her kids. She did what she was supposed to do as responsible, prepared gun owner,” Donnie Herman […]

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