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Walker: Private voting equipment companies should be held more responsible for election machine mishaps »

Somethings just don’t add up as this story continues to develop. Walker has repeatedly affirmed that all of the employees have been around and are long-term employees. Yet the state finds “The subsequent report described technology issues, staff inexperience and inadequate procedures.” They key being staff inexperience but they have all (or mostly all) been […]

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Why It Is Time To Defund the EDC

The EDC has a terrible performance record. The County helps fund its operational costs to the tune of $250,000 annually. But that is not all. Businesses are bribed to relocate or expand through direct public capital expenditures and tax exemptions shifting the tax burden to other businesses, sometimes to businesses that have long been established […]

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Dolphins seek tax dollars to fund stadium improvements

While the flow of tax dollars continues to keep the trough filled those hungry for a free lunch just cannot help themselves. Expect to hear lots of pleading and cajoling about how “we” need to kick in money for the stadium so that South Florida can continue hosting big games like the Super Bowl and college football’s […]

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