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Defund the EDC of SLC Now

Dear Commissioners,

I write to request your support in prohibiting St. Lucie County tax dollars from funding the Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County (EDC) effective immediately.

With today's economic climate, we are all faced with pressing needs to reduce our expenditures in our personal and professional lives. The St. Lucie County Government is no exception. St. Lucie County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state of Florida despite the EDC’s past and present efforts.

We have seen tax dollars allocated to private corporations through capital expenditures and tax abatement programs where recipient businesses have later collapsed, relocated, or become dependent on future taxpayer expenditures. This results in our community becoming less prosperous. We have seen the EDC focus on bringing large corporations, not only at the expense of the taxpayer but also at the expense of small businesses, despite small businesses being the backbone of our community’s job creation in the private sector.

Further, it is immoral to demand the taxpayer to subsidize private corporations.

There is a proper role for St. Lucie County government in our community, but subsidizing corporations is not amongst them. We have plenty of assets in this county and should encourage natural sustainable economic development amongst the private sector. Businesses need to be able to read the markets to deliver goods and services that consumer’s desire. This cannot be accomplished by distorting markets with tax dollars.

It is for these reasons that I request your support to immediately withdraw Saint Lucie County tax dollars from the Economic Development Council of Saint Lucie County and allow them to operate independently.



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