The All Aboard Florida FRA roadshow hit the Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie last week.  The good news is that less people showed up than in Martin County.

Only 279 people signed in at Port St. Lucie and only 30 provided their comments to the FRA. Vero Beach had more with 462 people signing in and only 43 providing their comments to the FRA.

Most of the opposition is showing up to denounce All Aboard Florida for two reason- they won’t get anything out of others property or said property will expose the failures of socialized roads and waterways. There are very few who oppose it purely for the subsidies especially now that AAF is attempting to privately raise the funds to replace the original intent of receiving a RRIF loan.

bob solari property rightsTake for instance Bob Solari who was commended here for fighting government planning against Seven50 but now wants to bail out government planners because of their failures. The failures on the taxpayers dime were attempted to be covered up by Solari by spending $135,000 more in taxpayer money.

So Solari kept pushing the commission to talk about the issue, and finally it authorized hiring an attorney for $100,000 and a consultant specializing in rail issues for $35,000.

“Our county is frugal,” he said, “but we weren’t going to be penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

And he had the nerve to talk about wastes of taxpayer money during his empty tirades against All Aboard Florida. Finally he confused the effects of himself and his parasitic cohorts living off the rest of us and using our money to cover up their failures with All Aboard Florida.

“We all understand that this is something that can destroy our community,” Solari said. “This could be the death knell of Indian River County.”

Here is statist Charles Grande who lies for a vote. I’m pretty sure I remember him speaking in favor of Seven50 but now opposes All Aboard Florida mostly because it is popular and secondly because he won’t get anything out of it.

 PSL Commissar Linda Bartz thinks you should ask the community before using private property as it has been used for 120 years. Oh yea and socialized roads failed and that is inconvenient for a government official.  

  Similarly Larry Lee says government failures in keeping efficient roads and emergency services have been exposed by All Aboard Florida and that is bad for him the community.   

Here’s an example of the folks in town who are ruining things for the rest of mankind. They all want something and for everyone else to pay for it. Parasites.

Greg Oravec similarly trouts out lacking principles and to gain the favor of the public. Again the situation is private property with private funds and the bull is the failure of government to maintain safe roads and crossings.


Here is someone in support of it.  


A video posted by Nicole Rodriguez (@newswithnicole) on

I about fell over when I read this article by TCPalm’s Laurence Reisman.

I love Indian River County the way it is. But the railroad is a private company; its rails were here long before I thought of moving here in 1985. If this project is funded privately, why shouldn’t it be able to run trains on its own rails — so long as the impacts (noise, vibration, potential physical damage) are not devastating?

I had to re-read it as it is the first time in awhile that I’ve read an opinion on TCPalm that didn’t seek to use others private property to their own advantage. Much welcomed change of thought from the media

279 people, 55 buttons, 13 Hawaiian shirts: Port St. Lucie All Aboard Florida meeting by the numbers – TC Palm.

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