All_Aboard_Florida_Logo_Color_FinalAll Aboard Florida has proven to be a contentious issue on the Treasure Coast.

The City of Vero Beach is upset mainly because there will be no stop on their turf. Lacking a stop Vero Beach takes the role of a jealous ex and is seeking a way to stop the project, or force the train to stop in their territory.

Undeniably AAF should get no subsidies at all from any level. Taxation is theft and subsidies are inefficient interventions into the market. Yet it is likely the city council would champion the loan if Vero Beach had a stop.

vero beachVero Beach is upset because they are contracted to cross private property. The property owners want to use their 120year old train property more by adding another track. Vero Beach complains that since the property owner is using the property as long-intended they should not be able to do so as it causes inconveniences for road bureaucrats.

But city officials voiced concern about maintaining those crossing indefinitely, which is done at the expense of cities, not the railroad, under long-standing contracts with the Florida East Coast Railway.

Screw you serfs. Why should we maintain safety in the roads? As overlord Corteau put it what is in it for the government to keep their roads safe?

“Why should we have to spend more money because a private company wants to come through (Vero Beach), at no benefit to us?” Commissioner Don Croteau said.

The safety of Vero Beach roads has been brought to the headlines after the recent tragedy where no barrier was in place on the bridge.

If such lack of protection had occurred at Walt Disney World they would have to pay dearly for doing so and possibly face bankruptcy. That reality encourages businesses to maintain high standards of safety to avoid lawsuits and keep their customers happy and safe so they may keep coming back.

Vero Beach road managers have no such incentive. Instead “customers” have to protest which one such resident is doing.  Unfortunately this negligence isn’t contained to Vero Beach as there have been incidents of bicyclists and kids waiting for school buses being struck and killed on government roads.

She contends that “there is no reasonable explanation as to why the same precautions and safety measures (on the Merrill Barber Bridge) haven’t been applied” to the 17th Street Bridge, also known as the Alma Lee Loy Bridge.

walter block roadsYes the drunk driver in Vero Beach appears to be the ultimate cause of the tragedy but the proximate cause of the tragedy is government road bureaucracy. The same thing goes when senseless deaths of children occur waiting along government roads for government buses. The offending driver gets punished but the death traps remain the same.

Vero Beach officials are scoffing at maintaining safety on its roads even though as a gesture of goodwill AAF has voluntarily agreed to pay for the initial costs of the extra crossing construction.

All Aboard Florida would pay 100 percent of the cost for these improvements, Roberts added.

Yes they may do so with stolen money but they haven’t gotten the RRIF loan yet.

In typical bureaucratic fashion the officials whine that keeping people safe will require more effort on their part. No improvement or increases in efficiency just having to do more of the same is their problem.

Every year about 35,000 people die a year on government roads. In addition 5,000 pedestrians and bicyclists have died in Florida over the last decade.

Yet many of the Treasure Coast appear to be duped into blaming this deadly problem with government on All Aboard Florida.

Don’t be a dupe. Recognize the dangers and who is to blame for them. Remember your safety is no benefit to government (until it becomes an election issue).

“Why should we have to spend more money because a private company wants to come through (Vero Beach), at no benefit to us?” Commissioner Don Croteau said.

Vero Beach residents respond to All Aboard Florida – Story.

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