TCPalm continues to pervert honest journalism and in doing so turn on their own company mission and motto in regards to All Aboard Florida Their mission:

We do well by doing good – providing value to customers, employees and owners by informing, engaging and empowering the communities we serve.

Somehow TCPalm confuses the crime of using majority rule to appease the majority at the expense of the rights of the minority.  Government by design is an institution created to protect life, liberty and property. All of the inalienable rights we have as human beings come from the right of self-ownership which is the utmost human right and the basis for every other natural right we have as individuals. TCPalm muddles the part where what is righteous is the protection of all property not merely those in the majority.  TCPalm continues to organize and tout the devious work of those who are inconvenienced and attack the rights of others because of their self-perceived suffering. Furthermore TCPalm considers doing good the advocacy of waging war in northwest Fort Pierce. Apparently the standing behind the weight of militarized law enforcement enforcing failed polices from a century ago on the minorities that are preyed upon the racially-based bias in the drug war.  Apparently doing good is continuing to support policies that have shown to increase violence and power of organized crime. Now examine their motto:

“Give light and the people will find their own way”

When examining the bias in terms of statism and advocating for community organization behind the progressive bias of the TCPalm editorial board (such as listing a helicopter ride as an accomplishment for a Congressman). TCPalm has dimmed the light to ensure it directs where to the preferences of the editorial board. Instead of offering balanced journalism there is one-sided reporting on the issues which only irritates local problems. Examine how Seven50 opponents were attacked in 2013 while those same vilified opponents attacked All Aboard Florida subsidies thru Seven50 scheme which specifically mentions AAF as being a benefactor. So lets get back to the latest junk piece from TCPalm that shows how community leaders tyrants are uniting the community.  TCPalm has provided a lovely interactive map as proof of this so-called unity. So lets get started looking at each of these locations claimed by the angry mob of tyrants.

Saint Lucie River Bridge

Example one is the Saint Lucie River Bridge. In examining this example the failure of waterway navigators to supply convenient maritime transit to waterway users is the culprit.  The bridge for the train has been in place for literally decades, long before most boaters were even here let alone using the Saint Lucie River. st lucie river bridge TCPalm implies that the failure of maritime and waterway bureaucrats to supply waterway users with the convenience they prefer is the fault of All Aboard Florida.  Therefore the use of mob rule to strip the railway owners of their right to lease their private property to All Aboard Florida is justified as “doing good.”  The real problem is the lack of entrepreneurial foresight due to bureaucratized management of planners who have failed to plan for any increase in train traffic and been entirely complacent in this regard.  Government has failed boaters yet, as always when government fails, something else is the problem.  In this case it is AAF using FEC railway tracks for the same purpose the train tracks have had for their 120 year history- to transport trains.

KC Taylor of Florida Not All Aboard on Saint Lucie River Bridge

KC Taylor is an embodiment of everything that is wrong with the democracy (mob rule) and the All Aboard Florida opposition. kc taylor all aboard florida democracyNot once does KC Taylor mention any of the many, many, many subsidies being given to All Aboard Florida. No instead KC Taylor goes all tyrant on property rights due to this lioness of the jungle dealing with traffic delays(both maritime and road).  Traffic issues are nothing new to the Treasure Coast as pedestrians and bicyclists continue to be injured or killed on the roads – including schoolchildren. Instead KC Taylor seeks to apply mob rule to stop property owners FEC Railways from using their rail as intended as a result of the failures of road bureaucrats to plan accordingly for the roads and waterways they alone are responsible for and in the face of these very bureaucracies to fail to plan for a coming train they have known about for years. KC Taylor clearly believes that the inconveniences of the majority trump the rights of minority.

Tequesta Crossings

Fittingly the next “issue” plaguing the conveniences of the majority is traffic and the outrageousness of Tequesta mayor Abby Brennan who is unaware of the history of the town she presides over. tequesta all aboard florida Besides showing the ignorance of mayor Abby Brennan (overlords as such do not deserve capitalized titles) the predicament Tequesta finds itself is the failure of planning.

Bureaucratic management is management of affairs which cannot be checked by economic calculation.- Mises in Bureaucracy 

The entirety of planning in Tequesta was based on the now faulty premise that train traffic would never increase.  Because of the miscalculation of risk taken by property owners in Tequesta they must strip the right of others to their property. From Palm Beach County History Online:

In the early 1950s, south of Jonathan Dickinson State Park and the Martin County line, there were only scattered homes along Riverside Drive, County Line Road, and Seabrook Road.

While by the 1890s Flagler had been running trains throughout the area that was incorporated and named Tequesta in 1957. The entirety of town residents and the town itself was voluntarily chosen to be built next to preexisting property that had homesteaded the right to run trains over it.  Furthermore area socialized planners also failed to calculate that at any point in the future that train traffic may increase.  The leaders and planners of Tequesta put all of their eggs in one basket – that the status quo would remain the same.  Tequesta’s leadership was wrong and have failed tremendously. Overlords like Abby Brennan will not accept the blame or even responsibility for the failure of governmental agencies to provide the roadways desired by their community.  Instead they blame others for their failures and their evading official responsibility is supported by TCPalm failing to hold them accountable for that which they are responsible. When the roads finally were built and crossings were needed over train track a contract was signed by governmental road agencies that stated that the road agencies were responsible for providing and maintaining crossings. brennan quote mayor abby brennanBrennan is in clear dereliction of duty and responsibility.  She blames someone else for problems that are hers. Abby Brennan would move next door to a preexisting garbage dump and then blame them for dumping increases amount of garbage next to her home.  There is a heavy dose of garbage coming out of mayor Brennan’s mouth when it comes to All Aboard Florida.

Downtown Stuart

If you thought mayor Abby Brennan was a loose cannon seeking to impose majority convenience over the rights of a minority, Stuart tops her garbage. Stuart is a similar case to Tequesta where the main complaint is the failure of road agencies to provide what drivers desire. But first, a little history on Stuart and the railroads courtesy of Martin County Taxpayers Association (also opposed to AAF but rarely mentions the tax subsidies as a problem).

When Henry Flagler developed the railroad more than 125 years ago, communities begged him to build it right through the heart of town. In fact, towns grew up around the rail system. –MCTA

So communities like Stuart begged and pleaded Flagler to build his rail around the area they would develop as downtown.  Officials, in their infinite governmental wisdom, planned to have railroads and trains run right thru the heart of what was to later become known as Stuart.

In the 1880s, Homer Hine Stuart, Jr. purchased property and built a bungalow on the north side of the St. Lucie River. He donated land for a depot and in return his surname name was given to the railway stop after Henry Flagler brought his railway down the Florida east coast to Palm Beach. There was no vehicular bridge across the St. Lucie River at that time When, general store owner Walter Kitching convinced Flagler officials to move the depot to a site in front of his store, the name Stuart came to the south side of the river with the depot.

Not only did Stuart ask for railroads and trains in the center of town, Stuart pleaded for it.  Then when road transportation became available Stuart built roads over train tracks knowing that they alone were responsible for providing and maintaining crossings for drivers.  Stuart has failed in this regard as though they have known about AAF’s coming trains for years they have not planned any such upgrade to any crossing (though they are likely panicking to do so now. mcdonald all aboard stuart troy mcdonaldMayor Troy McDonald is as much of a totalitarian as Abby Brennan. Instead of correcting the failures of road bureaucracies to provide roadways and crossings desired by drivers, McDonald seeks to use official power to dictate the conveniences of the majority to trample the property rights of others.

The Stuart Commission must develop a unified stance and, together, demand All Aboard address their concerns, including the potential impacts on boat and automobile traffic, pedestrian safety and property values.

Like overlord Brennan, McDonald attempts to pervert the office of mayor to deflect the blame for their failures upon other innocent parties. Stuart planners have failed to plan and have failed their residents.  Now officials are violating their oaths of office to uphold the law and seek to instead pervert the rule of law to violate property rights and appease the conveniences of the majority while covering their own asses. The problem for them is that the emperor has no clothes and all the propaganda they push cannot cover their failures.

Walton Road and Port St. Lucie

A continuing theme carries throughout the “leaders” identified by TCPalm is the failure of road planners to plan for an increase in train traffic (even since they have known for about four years of the coming project). walton all aboard psl Port Saint Lucie mayor JoAnn Faiella is no stranger to controversy and so throws her office behind the dictatorial voices of the mayors south of her. Faiella does not bother to explain the minutia related to crossing times, arms, etc but goes immediately to the heart of the argument against All Aboard Florida for a crossing that is only in Port St. Lucie due to a recent annexation of a few lots. faillea psl all aboard The opposition to All Aboard Florida has declared the perceived quality of life of some residents is more important than the rights of others.  This, coming from the mayor, is an official declaration of mob rule on what has become the Statist Coast. One crossing alone is enough to set a dangerous and dastardly precedent of violating rights of a minority in favor of a majority.  The “leaders” unifying the Treasure Coast are advocating for the return to Jim Crow where government edict can usurp the fundamental rights of others.  Is this doing good?

Downtown Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce is in a real bad state of affairs.  There is rampant corruption within City Hall and FPUA. In addition law enforcement continues the militarization of its forces to turn Fort Pierce into a battlefield.  Nevertheless Fort Pierce has officially opposed the rights of others. fort pierce all aboard Mayor Linda Hudson has also looked to violate existing contracts and turn the rule of law upside down due to inconveniences of failed planning by local road agencies. linda hudson all aboard

At the entrance to the Fort Pierce Historical Museum is a replica of the first train station in Fort Pierce.

At the entrance to the Fort Pierce Historical Museum is a replica of the first train station in Fort Pierce.

Fort Pierce, like Stuart, grew up around the railroad.

The station was located along the tracks that run through modern day downtown Fort Pierce. For half a century most cargo and passenger transportation, in and out of the area, was by coastal schooners or river boats. In 1894 Henry Flagler brought his railroad down the east coast of Florida from Jacksonville. This allowed growers and fisherman access to northern markets. Passengers could travel faster and in a much more comfortable manner. Employment on the railroad helped to provide steady wages for the less prominent area residents. Mr. Flagler designated Fort Pierce as a division point in 1911. The population soared! The sleepy little hamlet of 300 souls grew to 800 in 1905 and jumped to 3500 a decade later.

The Saint Lucie County website states the importance of the railroad to the development of Fort Pierce.

The Florida East Coast Railway’s first steam locomotive came to Fort Pierce in 1894. Eventually Henry Flagler took his trains all the way down to Key West before World War I. The railroad expansion helped create a population boom for the area.. also offers a history of Fort Pierce.

After the war Fort Pierce, its accessible waterways and later Flagler’s railway gave rise to commerce that would make the city the economic hub of the Treasure Coast with fishing, canning of fish, pineapple and citrus.

The roads that Linda Hudson quotes as being obstructed are entirely the responsibility of road planners who apparently have never in 120 years planned for an increase in train traffic on train property. The railroad that was once the lifeblood of Fort Pierce is now a problem due to the failures of planners to have a plan for increased train traffic. Not only have they failed to plan, but they have endangered resident as a result of there dereliction of duty. So much for leadership.

Saint Lucie Village

Saint Lucie Village is in the same place as Tequesta in terms of grievances- unjustified. Also, St. Lucie Village was incorporated in 1961, later than Tequesta. Saint Lucie Village however has a longer history than Tequesta where some grievances relating to noise, vibration and property values may be valid.  Those property owners that preceded the railway should be compensated by All Aboard Florida for the noise and vibration pollution suffered.  For they are the only ones with legitimate claim as they homesteaded prior to Henry Flagler and FEC. TCPalm states: st lucie village all aboard       TCPalm here attempts to shine light by alleging that passing trains will cut St. Lucie Village in half.  An examination of the facts proves otherwise.  It is the railroads themselves that are the delineating line that would cut off Saint Lucie Village.  Rather than an issue due to All Aboard Florida, Saint Lucie Village has been divided around railroad tracks since 1894. It is only now in 2014, 120 years later, that Saint Lucie Village has been impacted by the failures of bureaucrats and road agencies to plan for increased train traffic.  For 120 years St. Lucie Village skated by this failure on pure chance.  Time ran out on their luck of entrusting bureaucratic organizations to have the long-term vision of entrepreneurs. Mr. Thiess is serving mayor for St. Lucie Village and board member of the corrupt FPUA that preys upon residents. Accordingly, Thiess deflects the blame. village thiess all aboard The problem is not trains going over railroad tracks but the lack of planning and preparation by road bureaucracies to effectively carry out their duties.

Downtown Vero Beach

Vero Beach, like Fort Pierce, owes much of it’s history to the railroads according to

The greatest impetus to growth during these years can be traced to two events. The first was the creation of Henry Flagler’s Florida’s East Coast Railroad (FEC) which began service through Indian River County in 1893. It provided fishermen and growers of citrus and vegetable products with the fastest shipping possible to the northern markets. The FEC also accelerated land development. Companies purchased large tracts from the railroad (which had acquired the land from the state as part of the deal to build the railroad) and laid out entire cities – Fellsmere being the most familiar to county residents. A spur of the railroad was built linking Fellsmere to the main track in Sebastian.

However 120 years of failing to plan has created problems for Vero Beach government which must be blamed elsewhere. vero beach all aboard Indian River County commissionier Bob Solari once stood up for property rights in rightfully opposing Seven50.

The federal agencies behind the SCI both by their actions over the past few years and in the “Regional Vision and Blueprint for Economic Prosperity” express a very different view of property rights. In short, they believe that property ought to be used in ways consistent with its best use for the collective. Indian River residents still believe that while understanding and appreciating the needs of the community, it is the individual who should, in the final analysis, determine what is the best use of her property.- Bob Solari Nov 30, 2012

Almost two years ago Solari stood up for the property rights of the minority over the majority.  Why then and not now? Bob Solari spoke up property rights when his property was being affected by the perversion of law. In 2014 hypocrite Solari is singing a different tune because now he is in the majority and not the minority.  No need for principles when you make yourself out to be a victim, just attack the rights of others. solari seven50 all aboard Has Solari or any other resident been aggressed upon? Has someone come along and destroyed their property? No.  What is happening is owners of property for 120 years are being victimized because of the possibility of decreasing home values. Solari, like AC4PR, has destroyed the concept of property rights to fit what is truly important to them- themselves.  AC4PR should be renamed AC4TP as they are wiping their asses with property rights for their own benefit and selling out property rights to hopefully get another win on Seven50.

Gifford Middle School

In another local absurdity AAF opposition the use of 120year old exisitng rail property for trains is being opposed, again, because of the failures of bureaucrats who planned to build a school for children next to a railroad on the belief that status quo train traffic would continue forever. gifford all aboard Gifford Middle School came long after the railroad tracks but the problem is not the numbnut who thought it was prudent to build a school next to railroad tracks but instead the increased usage of railway tracks that have been serving train transport for 120 years.


In 1893 FEC Railway built a depot in Sebastian which, like Vero Beach, grew up around the railroad. Yet 120 years of failed planning makes the use of long-standing property a problem for city officials who have overseen the lack of planning. sebastian all aboard Joe Griffin points out that local planners have failed tremendously by investing taxvictim money into redevelopment without having a contingency for increased rail use. The failure of Griffin and others is going to cost Sebastian mightily so they do as other “leaders” along the Treasure Coast and blame someone else. sebastian all aboard fail


TCPalm is doing a terrible job of the one thing they seemingly have a monopoly on- local issues. Sadly as with all monopolies, the quality of product decreases as time goes on and this can be seen in the coverage of the All Aboard Florida controversy. All Aboard Florida should rightfully be opposed for the huge subsidies that are taken out of your pocket and placed into their pockets by the hand of government. statism subsidies force moral theftHowever the worship of government by TCPalm editorial shows the favor to this system. The vision of a government big enough to grant everything becomes a nightmare in that your stolen resources are put up for auction as crony pigs like All Aboard Florida.  We see this as columnist after columnist “shows the light” by advocating that government steal from you to fund their pet project -whether it be stadiums, reducing supply of land to drive costs of homes up while giving precious land to government pollution enforcers, waging an unwinnable war on NW Fort Pierce or wasteful planning projects like Seven50 that subsidize All Aboard Florida. Is there any opposing voice to the incessant violence they wish upon individuals across the Treasure Coast? Is there any balance to the bias coming from the editorial staff? wpid-statist-ideas-violence.jpeg.jpegIs “doing well by doing good” include the advocacy of violence against fellow man a moral, ethical or just way to promote their views and agenda? There is none and thus they fail to “show the light” as the lighting of the way is limited to that which appeases the 51-53% of people on the Treasure Coast who share their views.  If the motto and mission was limited to the target audience (that 51-53%) then they have succeeded but if showing the light to the general public is the goal then I charge they have failed. Not once in their report on the opposition was subsidies mentioned.  Not one time.  However the failure of roads was time after time blamed upon AAF/FEC when government signed a contract with FEC stipulating that government is responsible for train crossings (which continues to be left unmentioned). In fact AAF has offered to pay some if not most of the costs to upgrade the crossings, something they do not have to do.  Their branch of goodwill has been broken like a twig by the childish thugs comprising the All Aboard Florida opposition and local “leadership.” This expose on the bogus coverage of All Aboard Florida is not a defense of AAF. I strongly oppose AAF receiving artificial advantages and subsidies that are unjust, unfair and merely the allocation of plundered loot to a special interest. The legitimate reason to oppose AAF is the subsidies they are receiving. There is a brushfire of tyranny being spread on the Treasure Coast as the mob rule of the majority is used to violate the rights of a minority.  TCPalm has regrettably fanned these flames for too long and throughout the entirety of AAF coverage.

 The damage done to society by bad habits and loose morality is nothing compared to the damage done to society by the self-righteous violence committed in the name of the state.

When it comes to the All Aboard Florida controversy do not follow the angry mob who will ruthlessly violate the rights of others for their own conveniences.

When it comes to the All Aboard Florida controversy do not follow the angry mob who will ruthlessly violate the rights of others for their own conveniences.

Note: This is not directed to the staff writers who created the interactive map narrative but the entirety of the collectivist propaganda that has been produced on All Aboard Florida.  

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Here is a message to the TCPalm editorial board who continue to promote violence over fellow man to the glee of the cheering mob for they are  the greatest dangers to humanity on the Treasure Coast. They spread ideas to be imposed by violence with no regard to the rights of the minority.

Treasure Coast communities united against proposed All Aboard Florida rail project – Story.

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