All Aboard Florida: Socialized Road Problems

socialism_miserable[1]Socialism is ridden with problems. The world witnessed it’s failure in the 20th century.

Yet there are some services and products that people astoundingly believe need to be delivered by a system of allocating resources that failed miserably.

As a result the failures of the socialized roads are causing headaches for the crony corporation known as All Aboard Florida.

In Brevard County the failures of socialized roads are going to double the cost of maintaining road crossings of railroad tracks.

County Attorney Scott Knox estimates that the cost for the crossing maintenance that Brevard County would be responsible for may rise to $1 million a year indefinitely. That compares with maintenance costs that have ranged between $220,000 and $450,000 a year in recent years.

All Aboard Florida has “kind” enough to use some of the money looted from taxpayers they receive as a gift from our overlords to a special interest and pay for some of the initial crossing upgrades.

All Aboard Florida, a subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries, has said it would pay for track and crossing improvements for the new rail service it hopes to begin in 2016. But, as it is now, the counties and cities along the route would be responsible for maintaining the crossings after service begins.

IMG_52471104207408Upset serfs have taken the failures of socialized roads and pinned them on All Aboard Florida:

That concerns Brevard County commissioners, who on Tuesday discussed the issue and heard from 10 residents of Brevard and Indian River counties opposed to the new rail service.

Among the residents’ concerns: safety, traffic disruption, noise, reduced property values, impact on government finances and potential for increased freight train runs along the route.

Two of Brevard’s overlords absolved road bureaucrats from any fiduciary responsibilities they pretended to have in their socialized system.

Commission Chair Mary Bolin Lewis and Commissioner Chuck Nelson voted against. They said that, while they do not see any benefits to Brevard County from the rail proposal, they want to get a full report from Knox before proceeding.

“I certainly do not want to see Brevard County take on any of the costs associated with this project,” Nelson said. “That’s a given.”

People across the Treasure Coast are all upset at the failures of socialism and blaming the wrong people.

The bureaucrats don’t have the slightest clue of how to allocate resources in socialist food production.  Neither do they in socialized road management.

The local statists rail against private enterprise (though it’s a crony special interest) and thus bail out the failed socialized system of managing the roads.

Some of the overlords do recognize that despite statist fervor that the road bureaucrats are legally and fiscally responsible for the road crossings.

Brevard overlord Nelson notices how a statist led bailout of the bureaucrats may be more costly for local governments than any responsibility they have to supply the safe and efficient crossings residents demand.

Nelson, though, said he is concerned about how fighting All Aboard Florida in court over crossing maintenance costs might affect the company’s willingness to pay for initial track and crossing improvements within Brevard.

traffic socialism roads

Upkeep of rail crossings could double with upgrade.

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