wpid-statist-police-government-rights.png-large.pngNancy Smith at Sunshine State News goes full statist on All Aboard Florida.

All Aboard Florida (AAF) is like a rigged “Let’s Make a Deal” TV experience.

They tell you the Big Prize is the shiny new passenger train service. But no matter which curtain you choose, you’re going to get what’s behind curtain No. 2 — the freight-train nightmare from hell.

Smith rightly takes issue with All Aboard Florida getting subsidies from tax victims.  But Smith doesn’t stop there and instead goes off the rails.

Smith blames the problems resulting from the failures of government planning on All Aboard Florida.

It took me longer than it should have, but I am convinced AAF has little to no interest in solving the problems it’s given to the Treasure Coast.

Except for beefing up safety at rail crossings and paying to create “quiet zones” — though even how much “quiet” these zones actually will provide is uncertain —  it doesn’t look as if AAF or FECI is going to fix the things causing the greatest concern.

…If something doesn’t change, if this venture isn’t slowed or, better, stopped — starting in 2016 the Treasure Coast could see as many as 50 trains a day rumbling through major intersections, creating moving barriers to hospitals, schools, offices, major retail businesses and people’s homes.

Smith, like others collectivists, ignores the history of rail on the Treasure Coast and blames failure of government on a scapegoat. The crossings and safe zones are the responsibility of long-standing agreements signed between government and property owners like Florida East Coast Industries.

Roads came after railroads and governments had to reach agreements to cross over existing property. The responsibility for safety at crossings is upon those who are responsible for the roads themselves.  The responsibility for efficient traffic lies on the roads themselves.

Smith goes on to allege that more freight traffic is the problem.  However the railroads are already moving freight and were doing so long before the roads and the new developments along the tracks.

Smith and the mob of collectivists would turn law upside down on its head by disallowing Florida East Coast Industries to do what it has long since done on its property- transport freight traffic.

Towns built themselves around the railroads yet none of the socialized planners could foresee increased rail traffic and take that consideration into account.  All Aboard Florida has been public since 2012 yet since that time government has not acted until too late.  Indian River County just now started looking at crossings. What took them three years to do so?

Instead of condemning all subsidies as that is merely stealing from Paul to pay Peter Nancy Smith wants government to examine the business plan of All Aboard Florida. Government has no business evaluating the plans of business nor are they any good at running a business themselves considering the massive debt that governments owe and unlike real businesses that must serve consumers to earn transactions every day government is nothing but extortion and coercion on a massive scale.

Here is Smith stating her belief that omnipotent government overlords can look into their crystal ball to decide the fate of businesses in the future.

AAF officials have said the company expects initial annual revenue of $143 million. The question is, given a 5.75 percent interest on a $1.5 billion loan, and other costs like salaries, will there be enough left to make it a viable operation?

This anti-property collectivism is carried out merely because those who came after tracks had already been there assumed that rail traffic would never increase- they were wrong and assault property rights due to their errors.

Those who have property right claims before the tracks came in the 1890s due have legitimate claims for the increased nuisance.

Those who came after the tracks and complain about are the true nuisance on the Treasure Coast as they seek to violate the basis for human rights – property rights- because of their own assumptions.

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All Aboard Florida: The Horror Behind Curtain No. 2 | Sunshine State News.

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