roads taxes theftTCPalm reports on two studies of Florida roads and highways that highlight the huge failure of government roads.

TCPalm fails to connect the failure of roadways to the All Aboard Florida controversy where AAF is being blamed for the incompetence of your government road planners. Not only have government road planners failed to plan for a coming railroad they have known about for years but they are also responsible for the deaths of people on roadways.

In the recent months there have been recurring stories of children being struck on roads while waiting for school buses and bicyclists being run over as well.

None of the findings will shock habitual bicyclists and pedestrians on the Treasure Coast, where fatalities among one or both of these groups are reported on a recurring basis. Two pedestrian deaths have occurred in our region in June. • An 84-year-old Sebastian woman died after being struck, then run over June 19 by a car pulling out of a spot in a grocery store parking lot. • A 45-year-old Port Orange man died after being struck June 2 by a tractor-trailer at Okeechobee Road and County Road 712 in Fort Pierce.

Government road planners have blood on their hands.  Each year about 35,000 people are killed on American roadways.  Similarly disturbing numbers have been released for non-motorists on roadways.

“Dangerous by Design 2014,” a study by the National Complete Streets Coalition, created a pedestrian danger index to gauge the hazards in each state. The findings? Florida has the highest PDI — 168 — in the country, more than three times the national PDI of 52.2. The study, which examined statistics from 2003-12, tallied 5,189 pedestrian fatalities in Florida during this period. Astonishingly, 17.7 of all traffic deaths in the Sunshine State from 2003-12 were pedestrians. Another study by the League of American Bicyclists titled “Every Bicyclist Counts” is equally sobering — and illuminating. It found that Florida is the most dangerous state for bicyclists among the top 10 states with the largest commuting populations. Nationally, 2.2 bicyclists died per 1 million people between 2008 and 2012. In Florida, the rate is almost three times as high: 6 fatalities per 1 million people. Florida’s share of total national bicyclist fatalities during this five-year period is also the highest in the country: 17 percent.

Typical state worship continues however.  5,000 deaths in a decade.  Can you image if Disney or Universal Studios had 5,0000 deaths in a decade at their parks? Yet it does not because they are held responsible and thus take appropriate actions to limit this risk. Government road planners do not however.  After 5,000 pedestrians and countless more in vehicular accidents TCPalm editorial shrugs their shoulders and says your government overlords are paying closer attention now.

If there is any good news in these reports, it’s the fact transportation planners in Florida are giving greater attention to these two groups. …Thankfully, that appears to be changing. But, given the sobering statistics noted above, it can’t change fast enough.

No responsibility for the deaths of others.  This baseless hope in government to fix what they have failed to do is irresponsible and aids further government murder of road users.

There is a better way.

The Privatization of Roads and Highways

Editorial: New reports on dangers for bicyclists, pedestrians in Florida underscore need for safety – Story.

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