The sad anti-property maniacs are uniting on the Statist Coast.

Statists on the left (Guardians of Martin County) and the right (AC4PR) have been working together to bail out bureaucrats and attack property rights by inciting a mob to use majority rule to violate the property rights of others.

This has the tyranny of the majority written all over it as mad homeowners who have owned their homes for maybe a few decades in most cases protest the audacity of railway owners to use their rails at increased capacity on property that has had rails on it for well over 100 years.

Because of the misfortune of having incorrectly assumed that status quo rail usage would remain the same forever the mad homeowners want to take away the property rights of others.

This statist majority seeks to use mob rule to strip the property rights of FEC Railways and All Aboard Florida due to their inconveniences. Pathetic.

spooner majority rule govt masters slaves
WPTV: Some country clubs oppose ‘All Aboard Florida’ – Story.

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