statism subsidies force moral theftAll Aboard Florida brushed off questions and concerns from the public recently in Martin County.

Instead they looked to focus on what was seen and not that which is unseen.

TCPalm reports that,

Martin County has “future opportunities” to benefit from all Aboard Florida, a top official of the railroad said Wednesday.

Future opportunities is exactly what is described in the Seven50 Scheme.

An executive at All Aboard Florida, Rusty Roberts, said future stops in the Treasure Coast may come.

stops along the Treasure Coast could be considered, but not until after service begins in early 2016.

Roberts spoke in a we have to pass this so we can find out whats in it tone.

“It makes sense right now for us to get it in place,” Roberts told about 170 people at the Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce. “Let’s get it up and running as we designed it. Then we can look for other communities to serve.”

Public comments varied but all but one were in opposition to All Aboard Florida.

all aboard floridaSome were unaware that the eastern route was chosen because the Seven 50 scheme will position transit along the eastern route.

Questioners asked if All Aboard Florida would move its trains west, to the CSX railroad tracks

There was also confusion on the environmental impact study being performed by the same agency that is handing All Aboard Florida sweetheart loans.

Many of those answers will come from the Federal Railroad Administration in its environmental-impact statement, due out by June. The railroad will follow the directions of the federal agency on key points of its implementation, Roberts said.

The one voice of support of All Aboard Florida was pretty pathetic.

The lone voice in support of All Aboard Florida on Wednesday was Francine Banasiak of Port St. Lucie. A former resident of Lincroft, N.J., she said All Aboard Florida’s detractors don’t understand what’s coming.

“Freight trains and passenger trains are not the same and don’t run at the same speeds,” she said, pointing to the benefits of passenger trains along the New York-New Jersey corridor.

“I do not believe people in the room understand the value of trains and their impact on growth in this community,” she said after the program. “They don’t understand how a railroad functions.”

Sadly Seven50 tells us what is coming.  But alas, one must have to understand how a railroad functions.  Which is using the force of the state to take your property and assign it to the All Aboard Florida coffers.

Roberts did mention the gridlock but did not diagnose that properly.

For example, he said, perceptions that trains would cause of disruptions and gridlock at crossings are incorrect. “Crossings should take no longer than a traffic light takes to turn from red to green. It’s not the gridlock they characterize.”

traffic socialism roads


Treasure Coast business leaders quiz All Aboard Florida official | Photo gallery : : Shaping Our Future.

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