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Seven50: Sea Level Rise, an Ocean of Natural Variability

Sea level rise is the greatest disaster predicted by Climatism, the belief in catastrophic climate change. Today, leading scientific organizations support the idea that the ocean level is rising due to man-made emissions. Further, they claim to be able to measure ocean level to a high degree of accuracy. But a look at natural ocean […]

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Seven50: Global Sea Level Rise is Ending

Space and Science Research Corporation P.O. Box 607841 * Orlando, FL 32860 TEL: 407-985-3509 * Global Sea Level Rise Is Ending News Conference  Monday, August 5, 2013 Press Release 6-2013 9:00 am The Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) announces today that a news conference has been scheduled for August 21, 2013, during which the end of […]

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Seven50: Sea Level Rise Surprise!

Fred Singer writes at the American Thinker of the phenomenon of Sea Level Rise. Driving the seemingly endless climate-treaty negotiations, the most widely feared consequence of Global Warming appears to be a catastrophic rise in sea level (SLR).  Environmental advocacy groups are filling the airwaves with lurid images of flooding of Bangladesh and Pacific islands, […]

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Indian River Lagoon: Sea Turtle Survivors

Sea Turtles have an amazing journey from emerging from their eggs to making it safely into the ocean. Around the Treasure Coast property owners near the beach are encouraged to turn off their lights which distracts the young turtles from their path into the ocean. Sadly nobody can protect the turtles as ranchers west of […]

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War on Freedom: FBI Study Shows Marijuana Arrests Continue at Near Record Levels Despite Changing National Attitudes

Morgan Fox at writes about the War on Freedom and the wasted money spent locking up non-violent offenders at a rate of one every 48 seconds while violent crimes remain unsolved.  Cops have much better things to do than put people in jail for posession of a substance while violent criminals roam the streets. […]

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