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The Privatization of Roads and Highways | Walter Block

Walter Block has a debate on privatizing roads and highways at the University of Tennessee College of Law in 2009. Block introduces the two means of exchange- voluntary and coercive- as a basis for favoring privatization using a student’s backpack as an example. [gview file=””] The Privatization of Roads and Highways | Walter Block – […]

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Walter Block – Who Will Build the Roads? [Australian Mises Seminar 2012]

Walter Block answers the question of Who Will Build the Roads? at the Australian Mises Seminar 2012. Introduced by Co-founder and Director Michael Conaghan. For more information see: Mises Seminar 2013Date: Saturday 30th November – Sunday 1st DecemberVenue: The 5-Star Award Winning Emporium Hotel in Brisbane, AustraliaSpecial International Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Tucker via ▶ […]

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Walter Block: The Privatization of Roads and Highways

Walter Block’s remarkable new treatise on private roads, a 494-page book that will cause you to rethink the whole of the way modern transportation networks operate. It is bold, innovative, radical, compelling, and shows how free-market economic theory is the clarifying lens through which to see the failures of the state and see the alternative […]

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Is Safety on Roads for Pedestrians and Bicyclists Governments Responsibility?

Roadways are a deadly place in America. Over 35,000 people per year are killed while driving. The stats for pedestrians and bicyclists deaths are also disturbing. The Department of Transportation is launching programs to encourage safer roads in cities.  Taking a “Complete Streets” approach, which considers walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes.  Gathering […]

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Martin Morons May Cost Taxpayers More While Failing on Parks and Roads

The overlords in Martin continue making boneheaded decisions that are burdens on local tax victims. Martin County may have to pay as a result of lawsuits in motion right now. Together, developers Avalon Ventures and HM Property Investors claim that Martin County owes them approximately $8.4 million dollars for unjustifiable development restrictions, according to court […]

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Martin County Neglects Roads and Builds Pools Instead

TCPalm continues their coverage of Martin County budget shortfalls for key infrastructure. Martin County over the next decade would be at least $138 million short of the $233.4 million it needs for roads projects, according to a tentative 2016 budget for infrastructure and building-maintenance projects. One would think that infrastructure would be the utmost priority […]

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Who Will Build the Roads?

A notorious objection to libertarianism involves road building. This cannot be done without state violence, the argument goes. Article Discussed “My Experience With Private Roads and Why Libertarians Have No Idea What They’re Talking About” (n.b.: some bad language) Book Mentioned The Privatization of Roads and Highways, by Walter Block via Ep. 316 Who Will […]

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Murphy Champions All Aboard Florida in 2013

All Aboard Florida’s FRA Roadshow Makes Stops in PSL and Vero

The All Aboard Florida FRA roadshow hit the Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie last week.  The good news is that less people showed up than in Martin County. Only 279 people signed in at Port St. Lucie and only 30 provided their comments to the FRA. Vero Beach had more with 462 people signing […]

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