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all aboard florida

All Aboard Florida ???

All Aboard Florida ??? The rails are coming off All Aboard Florida before they even get rolling. In fact the battle against All Aboard Florida has been waging for over a year now as it is a component of the Seven50 scheme which just so happens to also being rolling out.  Luckily, despite much establishment […]

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mrap ied

Battlefield Fort Pierce: Armored Vehicles Are Needed for Rain

Recently, a local government and their public relations team at Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper have been promoting the acquisition of weapons of war by local law enforcement. We’ll look at the two most recent public statements of a local police officer and a Scripps journalist. Keith Holmes, a Fort Pierce Police Officer, that was reported […]

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The Miami Herald Supports Government Markets to Sell Locally Grown Food. Click to See All the Fallacies the Herald Supports

Seven50 Miami Herald: Their Future Your Submission

Seven50 Miami Herald: Their Future Depends On Your Submission Seven50: Miami Herald’s Editorial Board attempts to disguise its authoritative decision as an opinion.   The rag begins with covering past growth and implying that growth will always continue and we must be ready for that. This is the future the Miami Herald sees: More crowded roads, yes, but […]

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Seven50: TCPalm Busts Out the Tin-Foiled Pipes

In news that likely isn’t news to many, TCPalm has gone off the rocker. TCPalm looks to useful results to justify swindling from everyone so that the selected few may profit well have upon the serfs. Fear not citizen, subsidizing special interests is a no-brainer because it sounds like a good idea and they may […]

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Seven 50

Seven50: Bureaucrats with Tin Foil Hats

Seven50 is growing desperate as local residents become aware and educate themselves. Seven50 claims to have a plan for prosperity, and in the plan you can see the bureaucrats entrenching themselves with New Urbanism and donning their tin-foil hats. Seven50 seeks to redistribute wealth in the name of economic growth. In their economic ignorance and […]

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Seven 50

Seven50 Plan: Outline of the Path to Poverty

Seven50 Plan Presents Their Path to Poverty Introduction to Subsidiarity Matrix and Outline Notes on the Seven50 Plan for poverty are in red. Check back for updates as this will be updated. Seven50 is an unprecedented opportunity to project a prosperous future for the seven counties of Southeast Florida. Sharing geography, climate and economic concerns, […]

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Seven50: More Miami Herald Nonsense

Here is some of the latest nonsense on Seven50 from the Miami Herald. To highlight the insanity of the plan’s far-reaching impact on millions of South Floridians, one can take comfort that 700 people liked it. The solution preferred by more than 70 percent of the more than 1,000 people who participated in formulating the […]

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