85% Discount Offered to Treasure Coast Governments Expiring

All Aboard Florida has kept an offer on the table to Treasure Coast governments even though they’re being sued by them.

For more than a year, Treasure Coast officials have delayed making a decision on All Aboard Florida’s offer to help build quiet zones, federally-regulated safety upgrades that allow trains to zip through crossings without sounding their horns.

Meanwhile the government officials are pretending to be concerned for public safety while they do nothing to improve that safety, and a substantial savings to the taxpayers they claim to protect.

ll Aboard Florida has offered Treasure Coast governments the same deal it cut with cities and counties in Palm Beach and Broward counties: The railroad would pay for most of the work — up to 85 percent in some communities — and local metropolitan planning organizations would pay the balance.

Orange, Brevard, Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties — the remaining counties along All Aboard Florida’s Miami-to-Orlando corridor — have installed or are working on obtaining quiet zones, according to the company.

To date, though, no Treasure Coast community has stepped up to take the deal or even inquire about it with the Federal Railroad Administration or the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, which would help coordinate local quiet-zone efforts.

Rather they will vilify All Aboard Florida and then take their money if time is not out. It’s pretty good PR to the misguided mob to keep that offer extended. If the Treasure Coast misses out on that discount people will only have government to blame.

Source: Time is running out to get quiet zones along the Treasure Coast – TC Palm

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