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Fort Pierce Wastewater Treatment Plant Petition #IndianRiverLagoon

Residents of Fort Pierce have come together to form Citizens for Clean Air & Water to reduce wasted resources by city officials and pollution of the Indian River Lagoon. Download the petition here (pictured below) and send the completed petition to: Citizens for Clean Air & Water 1611 Surfside Dr. Fort Pierce, Fl. 34949 Citizens for […]

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The Brexit Earthquake

Ryan McMaken, editor of Mises.org, joins Jeff Deist to figure out what the shocking Brexit vote really means. Are secession movements and political decentralization always good for liberty? Why do some libertarians disagree? Why does the Left love centralized state power, when in fact progressives could enact their entire agenda here and now—if only in […]

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Marc Feldman – Liberty Champion

An unapologetic advocate of liberty for all, Dr. Marc Feldman ran to become the Libertarian Party nominee for president of the United States. He finished fifth in the voting. Featured here are excerpts from the Libertarian Party Debate that display a sampling of his laser-sharp comments. Shockingly, the 56-year-old doctor was found dead in a […]

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