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Doug Casey on Political Badger Podcast

On the latest episode of Political Badger, Doug Casey, renowned author, investor, and libertarian philosopher discusses the economy.  Doug feels something is brewing and it’s not good.  Listen in as he explains the how and the why of our economy’s pending collapse. https://politicalbadger.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/doug-casey-final.mp3 Source: Doug Casey on Political Badger Podcast | Political Badger

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Move to Somalia!

“Move to Somalia!” statists will sneer in response to criticism of the institutionalized affliction called the State. As it happens, that long-suffering country began to make genuine progress once it became stateless — only to see those promising gains savagely crushed by predatory foreign states. http://k001.kiwi6.com/hotlink/cks65hzxpd/Freedom_Zealot_Podcast_August_20_2015.mp3 Source: Freedom zealot podcast august 20 2015 – FreedomZealot […]

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