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joseph salerno sound money

Joe Salerno: Austrian Economics and Crony Academia, Part 1

In this first installment of a two-part interview, Jeff Deist and Joseph T. Salerno discuss the health and vitality of the Austrian school, the impact of the South Royalton conference, Joe’s relationship with and memories of Rothbard, and why so many factions seem to persist within Austrian economics. Joe also gives some great insights into […]

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wage gap myth

Employers Do Not Systematically and Persistently Pay Women Less than Men for Equally Valuable Work

by Robert Higgs The quality of economic journalism in the United States is terrible. Day after day, journalists write about the causes and consequences of economic conditions and events without understanding the underlying economics of the situation, and their articles are, as a rule, simply bunk. Here is an example. I have not examined the actual […]

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Playing Politics With Iran Deal

In our latest Liberty Report, we take a look at the ongoing battle between Congressional leaders and Obama over the Iran agreement. While Congress is correct to assert an interest in such executive negotiations overseas, this seems to be the first time Congress has bothered to become engaged. The US military actions against Yemen for […]

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ron paul phone

The $1.4 Billion Ebola Scam

Remember the “ebola scare” last summer? As usual, it was government hype, aided and abetted by a compliant mainstream media. As it turns out, USAID spent $1.4 billion building treatment centers that served a total of 28 patients. Here’s the Ron Paul Liberty Report taking on this scam: via The $1.4 Billion Ebola Scam – […]

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judge nap anarchast

Judge Napolitano: A Rothbardian Anarchist on Rand Paul and The Future of America!

Jeff Interviews famous TV personality Judge Napolitano, topics include: First principles, the individual is greater than the state, the inviolability of the non aggression principle, getting America back to freedom, the 8th amendment, Rand Paul, is he as libertarian as his father? The popularity of private judges, serious libertarian views entering the mainstream thanks to […]

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