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Stuart Demands Control of Local Private Property

Stuart is the heart of the morons in Martin County. Stuart has a legacy of interventionist failures. Over a hundred years ago they persuaded property owners to lay railroad tracks in the center of town and build their city around the tracks. Later Stuart agreed to be held responsible for road crossings of the railway […]

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reed statist intervention

Interventionists Double Down on Failed Policies

Eve Samples has a column out arguing that the only solution to unaffordable healthcare prices is doing more of the same thing that makes care so unaffordable to begin with- subsidize more of it. Samples sees the problem that healthcare cost inflation has incredibly outpaced wage and incomes. But to Samples the immediate response is that it must be […]

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politics parasites

Further Costly Delays Across the Treasure Coast by Govts Failing on All Aboard Florida

Local governments continue to prove themselves to be bumbling failures employing people who shirk their responsibilities and pass the buck while living on the taxpayers dime. The Town of Indian River Shores is making an inconsequential request that AAF be denied public funds. It is inconsequential because All Aboard Florida is moving forward with a […]

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anarchast woods

Anarchast W Tom Woods: Real Dissent!

Jeff interviews Austrian Economics powerhouse Tom Woods, topics include: Murray Rothbard, US court system, private arbitration, Ron Paul homeschool, Liberty Classroom, currently taught history is misleading, real history courses, state schools are child abuse, Toms new book Real Dissent, no debate on major issues, replying to criticisms of Libertarianism, introducing Anarchism gently, the power of […]

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craft beer ban

Florida Gives Craft Brewers Backwash

By Mark Miller: Yesterday, the State of Florida filed its response to Pacific Legal Foundation‘s lawsuit on behalf of the Crafted Keg. In that suit, PLF seeks to overturn Florida’s irrational ban on 64-ounce beer growlers. Not surprisingly, the government has moved to dismiss the case, once again reflecting that governments rarely meet a PLF case that they like. That’s okay. Like most Americans, […]

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