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Police Militarization

Marianne Copenhaver (Libertarian Girl) and Jeffrey Tucker (CLO, Liberty.me) discuss the growing consciousness among the mainstream that the police have become more of a threat to our liberties and security than a solution to any of our actual problems. This might represent a huge turning point in the modern history of the civic culture. Marianne […]

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Battlefield: Treasure Coast Law Enforcement Takes Advantage of Pentagon’s ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale

After protestors in Ferguson, Missouri, were met with a militarized police force, new attention was brought to the Pentagon’s 1033 program, a program that supplies military-grade equipment to local police departments, often for free. We previously noted: The stats across the Treasure Coast are mind-boggling. Indian River County received $1,186,212.34 of military equipment. This includes (12) 7.62 millimeter […]

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Battlefield: Local Lawn Enforcement Ready to Deploy Military Weaponry in Neighborhoods

The militarization of the police has been seen across the country.  On the Treasure Coast we have witnessed an MRAP respond to the scene of a police murdering a man for answering his door. Simply answering aggressive knocks on your door with a gun sent Fort Pierce into Defcon 3. The local law enforcement, which […]

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Hobe Sound Couple Fights Martin County’s Stupidity in Property Rights Battle

The Breinig’s, owners of Flash Beach Grille in Hobe Sound, are suing Martin County.  Martin County is attempting to fine the Breinig’s $1,000 per day because the county failed to record an easement on the property that when purchased by the Breinig’s found no easement in accompanying title searches before purchase of title insurance. Martin […]

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Is a Nationwide Local Government Backlash Against Police Militarization Beginning?

The Ron Paul Institute picked up on Davis, CA City Council voting to get rid of the police department’s MRAP military vehicle. Saint Lucie County has several MRAPs creating a serious issue of police militarization that spans the Treasure Coast. What to do with the unwanted military vehicle? Maybe, like the cars at the Cadillac […]

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All Aboard Florida: Trainwreck of Frey, Gotz and Traylor

The heat from collectivists on the Treasure Coast continues. In this episode of Because It Matters Mark Gotz takes issue with a private company not providing private documents to the public. Gotz makes the mistake of thinking that an “economic analysis” is needed to validate a private venture going forward. Gotz contends that society needs to […]

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All Aboard Florida: American Coalition Fails Property Rights

The American Coalition 4 Property Rights has published a position page on All Aboard Florida and shows the little regard they hold for property rights. Defining Property Rights First let’s define property rights per the Mises Institute: Property (or property right) is a general term for the rules that govern people’s access to and control […]

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