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Fort Pierce Wastewater Treatment Plant Petition #IndianRiverLagoon

Residents of Fort Pierce have come together to form Citizens for Clean Air & Water to reduce wasted resources by city officials and pollution of the Indian River Lagoon. Download the petition here (pictured below) and send the completed petition to: Citizens for Clean Air & Water 1611 Surfside Dr. Fort Pierce, Fl. 34949 Citizens for […]

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Discrimination & Equality Before the Law — Ben O’Neill 

Ben O’Neill presents at the Australian Mises Seminar. Please see the time-stamps for specific content below: — 3:23 Demographic Profiling — 5:11 Detection of lawbreaking, Enforcement of sanctions — 7:41 Concrete Example of Discrimination. Who is more likely to be carrying weed? — 12:00 Detection (rational), Enforcement (irrational) — 14:30 Common Enforcement Pattern — 17:30 […]

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Murray Rothbard Gives a Tribute to Ludwig von Mises

Murray Rothbard was a prolific author, an Austrian economist, and a promoter of free market anarchism, which he called “anarcho-capitalism.” In this never-before-seen video, Rothbard gives a tribute to his mentor in Austrian economics, Ludwig von Mises, at a Libertarian Party convention in Pennsylvania in 1984. Rothbard discusses Mises’s work and life, and the growing […]

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The Path to Fed-Exit 

By Ron Paul I recently proposed that the liberty movement capitalize on Brexit with “Fed-exit”: a campaign to “secede” from the Federal Reserve. Fed-exit could be accomplished with a few simple policy changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXXv4AHcT_4 Passing Audit the Fed is a good first step toward Fed-exit. Contrary to the Federal Reserve’s propaganda, auditing the Fed will not reduce the […]

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