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Fort Pierce Approves Site Plan for Private Marina at Harbour Cove w/ VIDEO

Not too long ago Harbour Isle was built with promises of balancing the high density development with a retail center complete with grocery store and a bank. They haven’t yet fulfilled those plans. But busybody Harbour Isle residents have found plenty of time to find things to complain about. For one the residents complain about […]

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The Crime of Charging Customers Too Little in Florida

by Larry Salzman Do we really need laws that prohibit entrepreneurs from charging consumers too little? PLF’s economic liberty project challenges so-called “minimum price” laws that do just that. These laws are rich examples of cronyism and, unfortunately, a Florida state appellate court decision upheld one this week. PLF had filed an amicus brief urging […]

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What Do The Swiss Know That We Don’t?

Their president(s) are mere figureheads, they resoundingly rejected the minimum wage yet workers are among the highest-paid in the world, they still value protection of personal banking information despite the US onslaught, and they hold strong to the principle of armed neutrality and non-intervention in world affairs. Why do the Swiss, despite their problems, seem […]

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