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Americans to the U.S. Forest Service: don’t shut us out of our national forests

In a democracy, there are few things more troublesome to the body politic (or to just plain folks) than bureaucrats who ingest large doses of self-importance while trying to expand their limited powers.  If it weren’t so dangerous, it’d be pitiful. That’s what’s happening in Northern California at the Plumas National Forest, where the denizens […]

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I’m Too Sexy For the State

Jeff interviews musician Fred Fairbrass of Right Said Fred fame, topics include: the fame game, celebrity culture, ego, Right Said Fred’s upcoming movies, alternative media, the illuminati, making a living in the music industry, intellectual property, the lawyers always win, Anarchy, submission to authority, airport ‘security’, a convenient enemy, Ferguson, massive taxation and Jesus as […]

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If Hayek and Coase Were Environmentalists #IndianRiverLagoon

On Thursday, February 26 and Friday, February 27, 2015, the Classical Liberal Institute at NYU School of Law PERC’s Terry Anderson spoke on the topic “If Hayek and Coase Were Environmentalists: Linking Economics and Ecology” in Session 4: Property Rights, Externalities, and Pollution on February 26, 2015. Watch his talk from 0:32 – 44:35. Note: Coase’s view of externalities negates […]

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Forced into Military Slavery

by Ryan McMaken: Conscription (i.e., “the draft”) was ended in the United States more than forty years ago, but it continues to be widely used outside North America and Western Europe. Recently, conscription in Ukraine has become an international issue as the Ukrainian state has reinstated the draft and met with significant opposition in many […]

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