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People Love Beer

Mark Miller writes: When Pacific Legal Foundation agreed to represent the Crafted Keg in its challenge to the State of Florida’s ban on craft-beer growlers, PLF had no idea of the attention that the case would receive. PLF should have known of course, since experts in the field of beer recognize its importance to human culture. A variety of publications have picked […]

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The Insanity of Marijuana Prohibition

William N. Grigg writes: Vale, Oregon “I’m going to be burning weeds today – the right kind, that is,” Bill Esbensen wryly informed me as we met at his abandoned rental property. He was careful to obtain the required permit before igniting the assembled yard debris. Since he will be on probation until June 2016, Bill could […]

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nullification prohibition holder

Treasure Coast War on Freedom Tallies 10/30/14

The War on Freedom claimed four more yesterday. Four felonies for non-violence is pretty low for the Treasure Coast. Akeem Allen, 20, 1200 block of Jacqueline Avenue, Port St. Lucie, sale or delivery within 1,000 feet of a business; possession of cocaine. Ray Gatlin, 22, 6700 block of Pandora Avenue, Fort Pierce, destroying evidence; possession […]

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prohibition arrests

Treasure Coast War on Freedom Tallies 10/29/14

The War on Freedom claimed ten more today on the Treasure Coast. Indian River Tallies 4 Andre Williamson, 44, 1200 block of 17th Place, Vero Beach, sale of cocaine; possession of cocaine; possession of marijuana; possession of drug equipment. Gonzalo Sepulveda, 54, 100 block of Orange Street, Fellsmere, felony driving on a suspended license. Makhil […]

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#AllAboardFlorida – Will Building Demolition Knockout Opposition?

All Aboard Florida has recently done a favor to tax victims and moved to private financing as opposed to loan of stolen money via taxation. Officials with All Aboard Florida commented on the new financing plan. Also, you may have read recently that AAF is amending its financing structure. As you may know, in addition […]

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Treasure Coast War on Freedom Tallies 10/28/14

 Thirteen people feel victim to the War on Freedom on the Treasure Coast yesterday. Martin Tallies 9 Loren Beem, 30, 2100 block of Mulberry Lane, Jensen Beach, felony failure to appear for solicitation to sell or deliver a controlled substance; possession of a controlled substance. Dale Steffan, 40, Fort Lauderdale, felony driving on a suspended […]

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